Monster Entities

12-09-2004, 12:20 PM
I was just wondering if these even work anymore. I've tried just simply painting a monster entity (monster_axis/allied_grunt), but to my dismay it appears nothing happens. I say 'appears' because the entity doesn't associate itself with any model. So I went about trying several things to get it to work->

I put a monster_generic in my FGD and it sorta works. The only problem is that the entity uses the model's ground plane- so the newer DOD models clip through the middle of the floor (I messed around with the size function to try and displace the model above the floor, but to no avail). Oh yea, did I mention that whenever the monster takes damage it gibs a bunch of bazooka first person sprites?

Next, I tried editing the monster_axis/allied_grunt so that it would reference a different model. When I found the model showing up in hammer I was happy... but then it just did the same thing as my monster_generic- it just clipped through the middle of the floor (I was hoping somehow that the entity was designed to resolve that issue already) and when I ran the model reference was ignored (so it stayed invisible).

Lastly, I tried using an environment_model. Which works because they aren't affected by gravity so I can just displace it however which way- but the model is off by a HALF a UNIT, which sits on me very uneasily. The environment_model also lacks in a lot of ways I don't want to try and make up, Lets see func_train + env_model + func_tank + func_breakable... ...not that I'm that desperate anyways!

I understand that the AIs for the monsters in DOD aren't designed to be used and that they misbehave, ("NEEEIIIN!!! YOUZ DONT CUDDLEZ DER JUDEN!") but that's not really an issue for me... I just need some help getting the model to behave properly (Both the clipping and the zooka gibbing).


Right, my current solution involves just changing the ground plane of a model- but this means I have to have this model uploaded with the map (which is no big deal really, I just want to do this the 'right' way... and I've still got zooka gibbing probs).

12-22-2004, 08:44 PM
"monsters" were experimented with and abandonded in the very early betas. The proof is the sometimes viewable grunts with old pre-1.3b models attached to them. And as you know env_model wouldn't have any proper behaviour and really would not fly with multiplayer...which is what DoD is. :p Basically it won't work with what is available these days. You could fake the effect on a very small scale, but that's about it.

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