Day of Defeat Custom Content Forums Archive

Welcome to the un-official Day of Defeat custom content forums archive!

In February 2008 Valve Software decided to integrate their existing Day of Defeat game forums into the Steampowered forums. The transition took place in a very short space of time from when the announcement was made.

The Day of Defeat forums covered a period from 2003 up to 2008 and it's modding and customisation sections produced an enormous ammount of useful content such as maps, models and sprites over the years. It also contained a wealth of innovation and information on modding in general for the Source (Half-Life 2) and GoldSrc (Half-Life) engines.

I felt this wealth of knowledge was too valueable to be lost as it's of benefit to anyone interested in modding or creating content for Valve games. So I made an off-line archive and here it is...

Archive contents

The archive was made on Tuesday, February 12th 2008 and contains nearly all posts made in the mapping and "model, skins and animation" forums up to that date. I chose to only archive those parts of the forum as time was short and I felt they were the most valuable.

The archive doesn't hold any attachments made to post and URL's are largely left as static text for now. In some instances I've fixed thumbnail links to screenshots hosted off-forum.

The Archive

Day of Defeat Forum Archive created by Neil Jedrzejewski.

This in an partial archive of the old Day of Defeat forums orignally hosted by Valve Software LLC.
Material has been archived for the purpose of creating a knowledge base from messages posted between 2003 and 2008.