Moving Spotlights

09-20-2004, 10:00 AM
hey, i was looking in the FAQ and saw the moving spotlights tutorial, anyone know how to make em?

09-28-2004, 05:52 PM
I made a quick research and i found THIS. (

09-29-2004, 09:50 AM
nice colours lol, and thanks

09-29-2004, 12:18 PM
Yep, one of those moody day. :p

Glad i could help.

Can't wait to see that map. ;)

10-14-2004, 12:18 PM
hummmm, originaly posted by El Capitan on old forums:

How to make a search light
Ok, also as requested by a few people - a guide on how to make a search light.

- Download my rmf (attatched)
- You can either copy and paste the ones in my rmf or make your own...

ok, ere we go

1. Create your room, or map - or what ever your gonna put the ruddy search lights over !!!
2. Create the search light beams and at the start of the beam put a small block with an original texture.
3. Select both the beam and the origin and hold ctrl+t and select func_pendulum
4. Set the following values:

- Name: spinning_light
- Render mode: Additive
- FX Amount: 0
- FX Color: 0 0 0
- Speed: 115
- Distance: <any> (recommended: 80)
- Damping: 0
- Damage inflicted when blocked: 0

Then in flags:

- Start ON
- Passable
- X-Axis
- (also check the invisible box above the x-axis one)
5. Create a new entity and select class as "env_render"
6. Set the following values:

- Name: emergency_light
- Target: spinning_light
- Render Mode: Additive
- FX Amount: 25
- FX Color: 0 0 0

7. Create a new entity and select it as "light"
8. Place the light and set the following values:

- Name: lightsrch1
- appearance (turn off): off

In flags set:

- Initiall Dark

9. Create a new entity, class - "multi_manager"
10. TURN OFF SMART EDIT by clicking the button

- Remove anything already in the multi_manager
- Click "add"
- Key: "targetname" value: "power_mm1"
- Click "OK"
- Click "add"
- Key: "light1" value: "1"
- Click "OK"
- Click "add"
- Key: "emergency_light" value: "1"
- Click "OK"

11. Next you need to create a brush that the player walks through to set the search lights off... apply the "AAATrigger" texture to it.
12. Select it and hold ctrl+t
13. Set the following values:

- target: power_mm1
- Delay before trigger: 0 (unless you want a delay!)
- Team Affected: Both/allies/axis (depending on who you want to be able to set off the trigger)

Rotate, resize the searchlights and it wont damage anything !!! to your likings

Compile and go !!

I've not checked it but it might be of some use.

Damn I keep some old stuff ... tbh :kitty:

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