Spawning Problems

06-09-2004, 12:43 PM
I have just started my map-making skills, and I am having trouble creating spawn points. I have heard that it is "info_team_allies", but I am not sure if that is what I want. People say it is for "advancing spawns". Is that what I want if I am starting out? All I want is for each team to be able to spawn normally, like maps like dod_avalanche. I was going to try that, but the entity tool thing said stuff like "Active if neutral?". Does that mean something important? I saw this entity that was called "info_doddetect". Is that what I want, because it sorta looks like something that would do the trick(attributes). Please help me, I am just starting out, and do not really know what to do.

06-09-2004, 02:03 PM
info_player_axis is spawn for the axis
info_player_allies is spawn for the allies

its an individual spawn point. 16 per team is usually the way to go.

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