particle fx - distance rendered? also Fog

05-18-2004, 09:16 PM
2 questions if you please.

im not to familiar with this area of mapping, i know that the smoke on dod_charlie is particle fx tho.

1. what i want to know is it possible to edit the distance particle fx render?

Example: As you approach the barbed wire area the smoke will slowly come into view.

is this edited in the particle fx entity properties or hard programmed?

2. Also, can you edit a .cfg file to automatically load up fog on for a map?

I realize it can be disabled but Ive figured out a fog setting that negates the 'box puff' while still doing its job. This is ppl's main rant why they dont use fog.

thank you for your help

05-18-2004, 11:28 PM
particle_shooters are different from the environment fog. The particle shooter makes the smoke on the charlie shingle. It renders from everywhere the entity can be seen. (well 2 entities actually, particle_shooter and info_target.) You might be able to set the Render Mode to glow (I don't have hammer handy right now.) but that would cause it to come into view once you get closer.

You could add the fog variable to config.cfg or a custom .cfg but they'd have to be initialized by the player in each case. There have been debates about this from before. In short, not everyone uses OpenGL so not everyone would get the fog anyway. It's best to map with no fog in mind and leave it up to the player.

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