Convert .RMF brushwork to .MDL

01-07-2004, 04:16 AM
How to convert RMF brushwork? I use this method (mentioned long ago as well): DIY

1. You've got .rmf brushwork. Place it properly in relation to the origin of Valve Hammer Editor grid.
2. Click on every individual brush and convert it to func_wall. This is to prevent vis-portal splitting during compile.
3. Edit>Select All and Apply NULL texture
4. Shift+A texture application: Apply another texture on all visible faces you can see on the model.
5. Edit>Select All, Shift+A, increase texture scale to 16x, face alignment centered.
6. Compile map (CSG and BSP only)
7. Once .bsp is produced, go convert that .bsp to a .asc (or some other format) that can be read by 3d programs such as Milkshape 3D or 3D Studio Max. For the conversion, i use VeSDK editor that you can get from . Use the lev editor export function. I didn't bother with using the export scale factor....I suggest you don't....keep it at 1.0 ok?
8. Import the .asc in MS3d or 3dSmax or your program. Scale all 0.25!! By then, the extra vertices should have collapsed into each other so there's no need to re-weld vertices. Rotate and orient the model properly *about the origin*!!!
9. Result: One clean model that is exact replica of your .rmf. Now, group and texture it. I use Lithun Unwrap and MS3D's tile texture application plugin (half-life mdls don't support repeating textures, so just tile apply 1 repeat only!) from v1.6.5.
9. Do the nceesssary .qc compiling to get that thing into a .mdl!

So, now you can transfer 500 wpolies into 1000 epolies if you are desperate! An exact .mdl replica of the rmf. You can walk on the .mdl confidently. YOu can shoot on it confidently! Of course, sacrifices to be made are:
-.mdls don't get lit by nicely with shadows
-no bullet holes or decals on .mdls
-.mdls might appear black if not careful and not properly lit

01-08-2004, 09:47 AM
yeah thats one ncie thing about rmf-mdl u already have the clip brushes. plus its easier to do acouple fo things in Hammer than a studio like Milkshape.

01-08-2004, 10:51 AM
good stuff, but 2 bad points

1. rmf brush work isnt as detailed as models

2. if your gonna make something with rmf, u may as well keep it like that, no point converting to mdl if its the same, except maby for r_speeds.

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