elevator woes

12-15-2003, 11:22 AM
alright so i've got a func_train named elev1. the problem comes in with the doors. pretend this is a modern day elevator.

the elevator starts at the top floor and the doors start open. obviously a single player elevator would be able to work by a button targetting a multi manager which fires the door and then the elevator. as the elevator reaches the bottom of the shaft the path_corner fires bdoors to open. then a button on the bottom floor when activated fires bdoors and elev1 to send it back up and the path_corner fires fdoors to open the doors on the top level.

the problem comes when trying to activate the elevator from the floor opposite of the elevators current position i.e. hitting the button when the elevator is at the top since fdoors don't get triggered to close and instead bdoors are fired open and then closed by the path_corner.

so i figured i would use 1 multi manager that fires elev1 along with trigger_relays fdoorsrelay and bdoorsrelay set to off. this should in theory check both doors to see if either is open and close the pair that is, problem solved right? however it ends up firing a toggle at both sets thus closing the open ones and opening the closed ones which are closed again by the path_corner.

so if anyone knows how i could get this elevator to work correctly, it would be greatly appreciated.

12-28-2003, 05:51 PM
move your func_train with the button
but make the doors work with a trig_multiple that goes right thru both sides of the doors
and set the doors to close on their own
only problem this way is that the doors will open when someone approaches , but the elev may be in the other position , allowing them into the shaft under or above the elev, so just make sure it squishes them good

01-02-2004, 10:28 AM
that'll work i suppose, however maybe the trigger multiple only needs to be on the outside as the elevator can trigger the doors open once it gets to it destination.


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