The Real para drop

09-19-2003, 12:21 PM
heres a map (RMF and BSP) of a test para drop ive made, its very basic, and doesnt have the nice stuff like the parashoot sprite and sounds.

play dod_dirtydozen to see how i integrated it into a map, and made it look nice.

ive used the dod_jagd.wad for this test map.

09-19-2003, 02:56 PM
Them's some large triggers there, why are the trigger_gravities so damn huge?
nm, saw you had a push there. That's pretty much a basis for mine, except with mine there are multiple trigger_teleports that will let the player control his drop.
Doesn't gravity change everyone's gravity of just the gravity of those parachuting?

09-20-2003, 01:28 AM
Originally posted by 2ltben
Doesn't gravity change everyone's gravity of just the gravity of those parachuting?

just those who trigger it, othewise everyone in the map would have low grav :D

09-20-2003, 03:10 AM
Nice effect Nomad :D :D very nice :)

09-21-2003, 05:43 AM
after testing my map it seem that u need alot of different trigger_teleports otherwise ppl will get stuck on each other :(

i need to revise the test map.

09-21-2003, 06:12 AM
Now all we need is a parachute coming down above the player, oh, and for effect I have a weaponstrip on mine with weapons on the ground.

09-21-2003, 06:50 AM
Originally posted by 2ltben
Now all we need is a parachute coming down above the player, oh, and for effect

Oh sweet Lord I wasted two days in futile attempt after futile attempt to somehow get a parachute model into the game. It's just currently not possible. The best you can do is have ur current para-drop like it is now, but have so much other stuff going on that players wont notice they dont have chutes.

*COUGH*tracers,otherparashooters,explosions,planes ,crashingplanes,etcetcetc,ddaystyle*COUGH*

Uh oh, I think I just gave my map idea away.

/runs to copyright office

09-21-2003, 07:34 AM
You *******, that's my idea! I have the fog(or I would if I could figure out how to shoot in a particular direction instead of just in a ball), going to have other paratrooper models, tracers, explosions, a few C47s. It's going to lag the hell out of everyone, but it'll sure be pretty. There'll just be 1 jump for the round though, maybe have an empty capture point to advance spawns.

I think I'm screwed though, because the damn VHE beta might have resetted all my brush entities.

09-21-2003, 10:08 AM
Originally posted by 2ltben
You *******, that's my idea!

lol, I also stole one of your quotes, but that's a different story....

But hey, 2 versions of the same map is fine, like 3.0 had Dog1 and Overlord. It just gives the public more of a good thing.

01-22-2004, 08:00 PM
I made a para drop back in 3.1 that had sounds, green light red light and all the jazz, even had a way to shoot down the spawn with an 88...too bad I had to reformat since then...

01-22-2004, 09:52 PM
Try and get your para-drop map official first. Make it look good, make it play well, make it realisitc, and keep within the r_speed limits. Hopefully, that may influence a new entity setting...maybe info_player_allies/info_player_axis with a "Spawn with Parachute" checkbox?? dod_object, env_model and weapon, ammo, item entities could also have the "Spawn with Parachute" checkbox, which would cause these items to spawn/respawn with parachute and drop to floor slowly. At the same time, allow a "Start Off" flag which would require the items to be turned "ON" in order for them to respawn.

Ingame, you can do parachute reinforcement/supply calls via radio in a map, or through smoke grenades. A C47 .mdl would fly towards the landing zone. For reinforment calls, upon reaching and flying over the landing zone, all allied spawns would be shifted temporarily from their base to directly underneath the C47 instead. (use Masters to swap the active spawns). Thus, at that precise moment, players can respawn directly under the C47 as it flys by. Need to make supply calls? Call a C47 and when it arrives over the landing zone, it would drop tons of items. Right now, trigger_gravity must be manually applied to the items/players that are being dropped. But hopefully with a "Spawn with Parachute" flag, this could be handled automatically, with proper gravity restored the moment it hits the ground.

Gameplay wise, this opens up opputunities for people to bring spawns up temporaily. For example, if i want to assault a particular area, and i succesffully captured the forward area, i could call reinforcements/supplies from the area i just captured....and those guys/supplies would drop there.

01-23-2004, 01:54 PM
Originally posted by Glidias
Try and get your para-drop map official first.

haha, u make it sound so easy.

01-27-2004, 11:07 AM
I was thinking for a while and I came up with an idea that could work, and is (in theory) somewhat simple.

Have the players spawn inside a C-47 (allready got the model), you could trigger the red light/green light if you want, I havn't bothered with that, but when they step outa the plane, they get swept back w/ a conveyor. (Like in Dirty Dozen), all around them there are other planes w/ humans and models also jumping, below will be spotty transparent (think swiss cheese) cloud line, below the cloud will be a brush w/ a texture of actual map they will land on. (Anyways) when they go in the clouds, they hit a teleport, the teleport takes them to the actual map and they emerge from a second set of clouds, but they teleport into a small invisable "cage", the cage is a func_train and desends downward. Pushing the player down and eliminating the need for a gravity change. Above the player is a seperate func_train shaped like a chute. When the player almost touches the ground, the box opens like a crane bucket, the player falls out, and the func_train goes thru the ground, around the map, thru the clouds back to it's spot, the chute will do likewise. The player is then free to go run around and shoot things or die or whatever he does.

However there will be the need for multiple teleports assigned on time settings so multiple people can't go thru the same one and plummet to their death.

In theory this works, I have yet to get Hammer working w/ Steam so I havn't tried it yet.

(btw, I also copyright this idea :) )

Simple diagram below,

=== <- plane

-------- <- clouds
* <- teleport
:::::::: <-brush w/ ground texture

(Seperate part of map)

------ <-clouds
[] <- cage w/ player
------ <-clouds

........... <-ground

(the cage works like this)

[o] <- hollow and split in half, "o" represents player

[ o ] <-- opens

(If you can figure out any of that, come over to my house and take a cookie.)

02-01-2004, 10:09 AM
Originally posted by TheNomad
after testing my map it seem that u need alot of different trigger_teleports otherwise ppl will get stuck on each other :(

i need to revise the test map.

Here's an idea:

16 info_player_allies (those guys that would be jumping off)
1 trigger_gravity (to make the players jumping off low gravity!)

1 trigger_teleport (yes, just one!)
16 trigger_changetarget
16 info_teleport_destination
16 game_counter
16 game_counter_resets
1 trigger_hurt
1 multimanager
1 multimanager (yes, another one! Name it something like "resetdrop")

info_teleport_destination - Each of these entities should be named something like "des1, des2, des3, ............des16" accordingly.

trigger_changetarget - All of these entities should target the trigger_teleport. Each of these entities should specify New Targets of "des1, des2, des3, ............des16" accordingly. Provide respective names "to_des1, to_des2, to_des3, ......., ........, to_des16" accordingly.

game_counter - Name these entities with something like "2limitcounter, 3limitcounter, ............16limitcounter, 17limitcounter". Provide the respective limit values from 2-17 accordingly. Each of these game counter should trigger the respective trigger_changetarget from "to_des2...to_des3...................to_des16". For 17limitcounter, target "resetdrop".

multimanager (resetdrop) - This multimanager is responsible for resetting all game_counters and back to the initial teleport destination by triggering:
*game_counter_set entities

multimanager - This multimanager is responsible for triggering all 16 game_counters in succession. Name this something like "nextdrop".

game_counter_set - these entites are meant to reset all the game_counters back to "0". So give it a Value to Set of "0".

trigger_hurt - give it a Damage of 0. Make this a thin strip layer a short distance above the trigger_teleport. Give this trigger_hurt a target of "nextdrop". When the player touches the trigger_hurt just before he gets whisked away through the trigger_teleport, the destination of the teleporter changes to somewhere else.

Congratulations, you've just done something similar to DoD's spawning system...which works on a rotation basis. Hopefully , it works. You've got to test it out full scale server to see how well it goes. I can't really tell how well it can handle if 4-7 guys fall through the same teleporter. Thus, i suggest a way of ensuring the jump master (ie. the trigger_push), an invisible func_wall_toggle and a brush-based trigger at the door(maybe another hurt or once) can be used to stagger the time of paras dropping outta the c47. In fact, if that was done, you might not necessarily need to have the entity system mentioned above . (bummer). In fact, all you'll need is another brush-based trigger at the doorway to trigger a multimanager that selects either one of the teleport change-target destinations randomly. Guess what? Only 16+1+1+1+1+1=21 entities for such a system (excluding player spawns and the trigger_gravity)! What for use the above 86 entities system?

Also, i know of a mapping entity system method to provide limited reinforcemnets for teams. Once reinforcements run out for a particular team (or location)...say for yr particular team, that area or the entire team will no longer have respawn points. (during this time, the enemies might be considered victors or it could become a hunt and destroy game if there happens to be any remaining friendlies left on the battlefield.....and if you are dropping in from the air or coming outta yr spawn area, you are basically "on the way"..)

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