Don't hate me

09-09-2003, 08:51 AM
I know you are great mappers and you are way ahead of me but I would like to know if somebody knows where to find a tutorial or something similar on how to create a new map. I will like to start mapping just for the fun of it (nothing serious yet). I like to learn new things and I will like to learn this mapping thing.

Anybody can help me locate this or give me a tip on where to start?


09-09-2003, 09:01 AM

El Capitan
09-09-2003, 09:26 AM
theres a Q&A forum for this, thanks :)

09-09-2003, 09:58 AM
Read Mapping FAQ ( It's "IMPORTANT" post in this Q&A forum ;).

09-09-2003, 10:56 AM
Welcome TECHNOR.

You'll find everything in the Important threads, the sub-forum, and easily find infos with the Search function.
Basically it will take time to explore all the links you'll find.

Good luck :cool:

09-09-2003, 03:36 PM

the site that's best for all beginners and advanced :p

09-10-2003, 04:58 AM
Try ( ) ... might work a bit better :D

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