Mapping FAQ

04-26-2003, 04:11 AM

Map Development FAQ


Q: I am new to mapping, where to I go to start?

A: For an informative guide for newbies on Day Of Defeat mapping, Click Here (

Also check out here (Official Mapping Guide) (

Q: I have a compiling error, what do I do?

A: Try having a look at one of these links:

Handy Vandals Almanac (

Tommy 14's Error Archive (

The Snarkpit (

ZHLT Error Page (

Q: I cannot find what I am looking for in this FAQ

A: Check out one of the following sites:

Google [Search Engine] (

Valve ERC [Good Half-Life mapping site] (

The Handy Valves Alamac (

DoDMoD Forums Search Engine (

Mardy Mouse (

Snarkpit Tutorials (

TLA Projects (

If the information you are trying to find still cannot be found in any of these, try narrowing down your search. Instead of: "Where can I find Day Of Defeat water textures" try a search for "half-life textures" and then look into one of these sites.

If all else fails, create a new topic, or reply to an existing topic in the mapping forum where someone should be at hand to solve your mapping problem.

Q: Where can I Download?:

A: Click the following links...

Mapping files (

Q: Whats a batch compiler, and all the options for each compiler?

A: Try Nem's batch compiler GUI Download ( and his forum thread here. (

Q: How do I Setup Hammer/Worldcraft?

A: Check out Fakedawg's Guide here (

How do I Decompile a map (.bsp)?

A: There is a tool to use, but it doesn't decompile very well and mis-aligns brushes, etc.

You may only edit a map and re-release with the Authors explicit permission first, the map is COPYRIGHTED by default. I will not post any url's to the WinBSP program will have to find it to yourself.

Remember....RE-Releasing a decompile map without written permission is illegal

The only use for decompiling a map is to LEARN how the map is done, to see what entities were used to trigger a certain event for example.

Q: Where can I find some good models?

A: Try H&k's model pack:

Q: Where can I find some custom sounds for my map?


Q: How do I make a crate?

A: DoDMappers Tutorial (

Q: How do I make a map overview?

A: DoD Mappers Tutorial (

Q: How do I create a PARA Drop?

moderator note: link is currently innoperative

A: Check out my tutorial Here (

Q: How do i create moving searchlights?

A: Check out my tutorial Here (

moderator note: link is currently innoperative


Texture/WAD FAQ


Q: Where can I find custom textures (.WAD'S) to use in my Day Of Defeat map?

A: Check out the following popular Custom textures:

Kami-pack1.wad (

Kami-pack2.wad (

Kami-pack3.wad (

Kami-Rubble.wad (

Revenant.wad (

Seg3-Kami.wad (

Propaganda Posters (

Kami-Platinum.wad (

ZillaFinal.wad (

Xerent.wad (

classic_kleineh_dod wad (

iNw Rubble Wad (

Zodiac Roof Wad (

DoD_raate textures (

Hedgerow wad (

Pinafore church wad (

classic_kleineh_dod wad (

More Wads are available, if you want one thats not listed above, do a search or look in your half-life/dod directory

Q: How do I make my own texture(s)?

A: Check out one of the following links:

Kami's tutorials (

Counter-Map Tutorial (

Q: How do I view/edit textures outside hammer/half-life?

A: Use Wally (Download by clicking here) (


DoDMoD Forum FAQ


Q: I am new to the Message Boards here, where do I go?

A: Click Here! (

Q: Whos in charge here?

A: xerent, Kamikazi, Izuno and other Global Supermods are able to moderate this forum. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

There is always an eye watching.

Q: My Post has been locked? How do I get it unlocked?

A: DO NOT post a new topic with the same title/content, your post would have been locked for a reason. If unsure, pm a moderator

Q: What are the forum rules?


Q: How do i properly link to screenshots?

[font size="1]A: THANKS TO CAPITALIST:

[i]First off, however 1337 you may think your Geocities website may be, the fact is, it sucks. File this one under the "you get what you pay for" adage. Myself and others are annoyed by all of the defunct links caused by newbies using free webspace providers. Note: Defunct links are not a good way to promote enthusiasm for your maps.

I would recommend purchasing webspace from one of the many providers out there. One such provider I would recommend is Hostway. Renting webspace has become quite inexpensive, so nearly everyone can afford it.

If you must use a free service, keep this in mind: These companies have to survive also. While the better providers get revenue from rental fees, free providers derrive revenue from advertisement. There is nothing wrong with this, that is simply the way it is.

Thus, if you're going to use a free webspace provider, be aware of the methods by which they advertise. The more people viewing their ads, the better. Thus, the providers have devised several ways to ensure visitors will do just that. Many of the more prominent providers have even implemented ways to prevent people from viewing or retrieving isolated files from their server without viewing ads.

For instance, say you upload a screenshot of your neato DOD map to a Geocities account, and now you want the world to see it. You announce to the world that a screenshot is available at: People visit the site, and they'll find that Geocities has cleverly replaced your screenshot with a nice little image informing the user that you use Geocities. No screenshot, no link to your homepage, nada.

Similarly, try hosting a file on say, Tripod. Give the direct URL to the world, and see how well they fare. My guess is, they won't get far.

What is the solution?

The free webspace providers aren't out to make you miserable or to deny the world of your divine map. They simply want to be compensated for their services. So, give them what they want, and there will be no problems.

How do I do this?

The providers want visitors to view their ads, so ensure that your visitors do. Linking directly to an image or file does not allow advertisement, so you'll have to put your image/file on a webpage instead. This is easy to do. You can either use whatever browser-based webpage-creation features are included with the service, or do it manually with HTML.

But I don't know HTML!

Well, here is the entire code for a simple page that would contain just a screenshot. Feel free to use this as a template (replace the words in all caps, leaving the quotation marks):

<body bgcolor="ffffff">



Here is a template of a basic page containing a link to a file you have uploaded, such as a map:

<body bgcolor="ffffff">
Click here to download my Super Cool DOD Map!


Now what?

Now, when telling people to view a screenshot or download a file, give them the URL of the webpage you just created. Because the visitor has gone to a webpage rather than a single file, your webspace provider has had the opportunity to display its ads. With the provider satisfied, your visitors should have no problem accessing your content.


Mapping Misc FAQ


Q: Where can I find custom maps?

A: Try one of the following sites:

Houston DoD (Massive Map Collection) (

Kustom Kettle (

Mikes Marauders ( ( ( [/color]

Q: Where can i find map reviews?

A: Your best option is to search for "&lt;map name&gt; review" in google ( You can also try sites such as DoDMaps ( or DoDNetwork (

Q: Where can I find some good Custom Map servers?

A: Try the following:

Kustom Kettle ( and

DoDMaps (

Mikes Marauders (

Q: Where can I find map overviews?

A: They are located in your /dod/overviews/ folder

Q: Name some more useful Mapping links

A: Click the Following:

iNw Mapping Links (

Some tutorials (

Chainsaws tutorials (

Spirit of Half-Life (

Wavelength Mapping (

Tommy 14 tutorials (

Check out FREAKHEADS MASSIVE link list here also (

Q: How do I create a DoD Class limit CFG file?

A: (Thanks to TyrantII)

open up notpad and copy this:


mp_limitallieslight 8

mp_limitalliesassault 15

mp_limitalliesheavy 25

mp_limitalliessniper 1


mp_limitaxislight 4

mp_limitaxisassault 10

mp_limitaxisheavy 20

mp_limitaxissniper 1

&gt;&gt; change the numbers to your own needs (i belive percentages will work too). The trick to making it a cfg file is when you save it. go to file, save as. when the option box pops up, put the pulldown menu to all, or all files. next type in the name of the cfg with the quotes like this "MyMapName.cfg" , and save it. My example for my map dod_D-Day_Invasion would be to save it as: "dod_D-Day_Invasion .cfg" (and remember the quotes are needded to make it become a cfg and not just a text file!). once you have your cfg file, just drop it in the dod main dir and your all set. be sure to include it when distributing your map ;)

Q: Where Can I find some prefabs?

A: Gamedesign Prefabs (

Official Mapping site ( or search Google!!

Q: How do i place a model in my map?

A: (

Q: How do I create advancing spawns?

A: Check this thread (

Q: How do i reduce R_speeds?

A: Check out the following: (,1002479940,5924&id=73634&boardid=653&view=flatold) ( (

Q: How do i search Google effectively?

A: (Once again, thanks to Capitalist):

What do I do if google returns with too little or too many results?

A. If you have too little results, broaden your search terms. For example, instead of searching for "how do I make the worldcraft grid bigger?" try just searching for "worldcraft and grid." Of course, don't overlook the obvious... this information can probably be found in WC's help file (imagine that).

B. If you are getting too little results or no results at all (after trying boolean and other operators--see "C" below), try another search engine. For bonus points, try a metasearch engine, which will simultaneously search using many engines at once and display the results on one page. belongs to this family.

C. Use boolean and/or other search operators. Many search engines seem to have forsaken these invaluable tools, but google is smarter than your average bear. These can be used to help you increase or decrease the results of your query.

Here are some useful sites on Google's operators:

The Basics of Google Search (

Advanced Google Search Made Easy (

and particularly interesting,

Google's Advanced Query Word Operators (

Q: How do I write a good readme file?

A: (Thanks to capitalist)...

[font size="1]Mappers can prevent many future (post-releasal) problems by writing a good README file.

Provide supplementary contact information. Most people know enough to provide their email address, but providing other methods also makes for a good backup plan. That way, in case you can no longer be contacted one way, there are still other ways to reach you. Consider including things like an alternate email, Forum screen name (for PMs), instant messanger handles, your clan, common IRC hangouts (with nickname), another person who could contact you or speak on your behalf, etc. If you don't mind giving out private information, your postal address and phone number are other options.

Even if you disappear, remember your README will remain. By planning ahead, it can effectively make your intentions known in your absence. This would come in handy if every attempt to contact you fails.

In explicit terms, identify what people can and cannot do with your map. As in, "Updating this map for compatibility with future versions is prohibited unless I have given my permission. In the event of my absence, [yadda yadda]... may be done, provided that these conditions are met.... [yadda yadda]."

You may have different conditions for different uses, so also add notes regarding things like:

Revising, 'cloning,' using strippers, "fixing" things, using plugins, decompiling, using as a base for another map, entity ripping, running on non-standard servers (another mod/game/variation), texture/model/other resource ripping, distribution in public map packs, distribution as part of a commercial venture, etc.

Include a clause in your map requiring that your README always be included with your map, when distributed, run on a server, with the distribution of any modified versions of your map by a third party, etc.

One last tip... Do not name your README file "readme.txt!" Give your README file the same name as your map. For example, if your map is named "dod_noobmap.bsp" then your README file should be named "dod_noobmap.txt" and sent to the same folder as the map.

README files are usually kept for future reference and other reasons. By giving the README file the same name as your map, you ensure that they will be quickly recognized and associated with your map. Not to mention the fact that the name "README.TXT" is very common, so if you use this name, it will end up being replaced when another map is installed. That defeats their purpose. Its not enough just to have them in the ZIP, either. Most people delete the zip files immediately afterward. Also, many servers allow people to download maps directly from their ../maps directory (through the web or ftp) in BSP form. You want to ensure that, assuming it is extracted with the maps on the server (see the 'include with distribution clause' above), your README will be listed and made available with your map for everyone who obtains your map from that server.

NOTE: This is only intented as a means of supplementing the word of a mapmaker and aiding those who wish to contact one. Just because a mapmaker did not to do the above, that does NOT make the map open game. Intellectual property rights are always implied and automatically recognized upon the creation of the work. You can only do what you have permission to do. You cannot do anything just because "the author didn't say you couldn't." [/color]

Q: How Do i promote my new mapping team?

A: Thanks to capitalist....

[font size="1]Finding that mapmaker's aren't clamoring to join your (or any team)? That is because we don't need to join a team. Most teams really don't provide much for mappers; there aren't many compelling reasons to join one.

If you want to start a successful mapping team, you generally won't get the results you want just by shouting to every place where mappers hang out: "Hey, I have a new mapping team! Come join now! Line up single file, and no shoving!" You're going to have to take some time to make your case and to appeal to us. A simple post by an unknown guy for a new team with no record of its existence beyond this guy's words, with no webpage to offer, or anything to show that the team is worthy of one's time, just won't cut it. So, get a webpage, show some examples of work by other members so potential newcomers know they'll be dealing with people on their level, and offer something in return for being a member of your team that we can't already get just for being a member of this forum.

One more thing: Are you a mapper yourself? I generally think of an ideal mapping team as being a group of mappers (and modellers, texture artists, etc) who voluntarily work together through exclusive trading amongst themselves for their own benefit. Personally, I would never join a mapping team run by someone who isn't even involved as one of the creators, except by virtue of his being a self-proclaimed "leader."

If you wish to insult our intelligence by not following this advice, expect to be flamed. You will be flamed harshly, and the participants of this forum will likely discredit anything further you may post here.

Consider it a form of self-regulation for the forum. By not holding back and by letting people know the true value of their posts, we encourage the better kinds of posts, the kind that make this forum worth our participation.

Just think if we stopped being *******s, and were jolly nice to every ******* who wastes our time with threads that are pointless, bring up issues that have long been exhausted, are so incomplete that they could never achieve their desired results, etc. etc... The whole place would become so cluttered with garbage that it would strangle any remaining meaningful and relevent discussion, until the forum becomes utterly useless.

We're not admins. Unlike them, we have no ability or right to censure unwanted discussion. Our only means of influencing the trends of this forum is by judging what read and treating it accordingly.

Granted, threads of this type (mapping team announcements/recruiting) are relatively harmless and don't occur too often, but they are certainly not excluded from our critique. This particular thread lacked many elements that are essential if a mapping team expects to be taken seriously. For details on these, see my first post in this thread.

To put this in perspective: Yesterday I believe, a thread announcing a new map was closed by an admin because it didn't have screenshots. How is a thread announcing a new mapping team without providing any credentials (or even a website) any different?

Anyway, so long as you follow my advice, all of this can be avoided. There are probably many people willing to work with you, once they learn that you are traveling towards similar goals with similar values and competence. I wish the best for your mapping team, and will close by quoting some recent comments on this subject made by Glidias. [/color]

Q: How Do i use hint brushes?


Hope is useful....reply with your own below...once again. I don't take credit for the above as most of it is other peoples efforts.

Please only reply with useful information or it will be deleted.


04-26-2003, 09:19 AM
Q: How do I reduce r-speeds?

reducing r-speeds

how to use the hint brush to reduce poly count

r-speed reduction methods

hint brush tutorial

what r-speeds are and how to sort them out

r-speeds: speed vs detail

04-26-2003, 12:53 PM
thanks for getting this back up so quickly, Xerent!

04-26-2003, 05:04 PM
Originally posted by izuno
thanks for getting this back up so quickly, Xerent!

only doing my job sir ;) *salutes*

04-27-2003, 10:27 AM
/me thinks xerent should add the classic kleineh wad ( to the list of available textures =)

04-28-2003, 05:51 AM
Q: How do I create a PARA Drop?
Q: How do i create moving searchlights?

Those two don't work anymore

04-28-2003, 10:37 AM
How to create a para Drop

Ok, its a question thats got asked sooo many times that I felt a tutorial should be made.

I have attached an example RMF with this file to show the basic functions, although you can be more creative than that :P

Ok, so we are looking at our map.

I assume you know how to make rooms, etc so:

1. Make a field or somewhere you want your person to para on to.
2. about 100 units above the ground, cover the area with a big trigger gravity, then 100 - 200 units (or wherever you wanna come in from) put another trigger gravity.

To do trigger_gravity's, make a brush and put AAAtrigger texture on it....hold ctrl+t and select trigger gravity

Set the value of the bottom one to "1" and the top one to "0.25"

So far, your map should look like this:

================ trigger_gravity (0.25)

================ trigger_gravity (1)

__________________ Ground floor

Next put a few entities above the top trigger gravity where you want your player to spawn into..... select "info_teleport_destination"

from the entity dropdown list, select a unique NAME for each one.

3. Ok, now we have the place where the paras come into we need somewhere for them to jump down from !!

- Create a plane or whatever you want
- Just where the player falls out, put a trigger_gravity (enough to cover the area incase the player jumps half a mile ;P)
- Select the gravity amount to 0.25
- Put a big sky texture around the area and make sure it goes down a long way!!
- Next, as far as you want the player to be falling for, then create a new trigger_teleport (same method as you used to create trigger_gravity)
- You want to set the target value for this, so you will need to type in the name of the info_teleport_destination you created earlier. For each trigger_transport try to vary the destination so you dont get 2 people arriving at once!!

4. Add in your bits, compile the map and it should work !

Things you may like to try:

- Using trigger_push to push the player as he jumps from the plane to make it more realistic
- Add a "pain" sound as the player lands (you will need to put this high up and have a time delay to avoid the player walking into it again)
- Add the plane engine sounds
- Add models of people jumping from planes that you can see in the background.
- You may also like to create an invisible wall and using good brushwork make it so the player walks onto this invisible wall and a parachute and using func_train triggers the wall to move downwards.....then using env_render after a time makes a well brushworked parachute appear.

Be creative and unique!!!

04-28-2003, 09:51 PM
Q: Whats a batch compiler, and all the options for each compiler?

A: Try Nem's batch compiler GUI Download ( and his forum thread here. (

added to FAQ. thanks kami ;) /xer

04-29-2003, 03:32 AM
April 29: FAQ updated. HTML code pieces fixed, correct Kustom Kettle IP's, Kleineh wad added. :)

German Killa
04-29-2003, 03:38 AM
The DodMaps Gamerserver Ip is wrong.
The IP is:

I miss my site at the list for Custom Maps. hope you will add it soon. :D (

05-03-2003, 01:09 AM
Please post a link to some info for the new ents and cvars for weatherfx Xerent


05-04-2003, 08:38 PM
Maybe you could update it to include how to make the proper particle effect show up whenit's shot? I don't liek having my grass look likme cement when it's shot...

05-05-2003, 06:58 PM
Q: How do i place a model in my map?


Is down. Also Xerent, PM.

05-06-2003, 12:40 AM
ive found a link to winbsp, but each version that i download, it runs for a few seconds and then i get an xp error. does anyone have a working copy of a bsp decompiler or know where to get one, i had planned on updating a few maps, mainly cherbourg.

reply here or pm me if that woudl be a better option.


05-11-2003, 07:28 AM
4 FAQ Questions:
*If I have a vehicle model that has an open back, can players get inside it, and will it actually turn if it's on a func_train?
*How can I give MGs the ability to look 360 degrees while deployed?
*Where can I find tutorials on escort missions?(like jagd, only the vehicles are moving)
*Where can I find tutorials on moving vehicles?

05-15-2003, 04:17 AM
Originally posted by Thursday
ive found a link to winbsp, but each version that i download, it runs for a few seconds and then i get an xp error. does anyone have a working copy of a bsp decompiler or know where to get one, i had planned on updating a few maps, mainly cherbourg.

reply here or pm me if that woudl be a better option.


there wouldnt be any point...the map decompiled would come out with missing brushes etc and you would have to rebuild it

Speedy Cerviche
05-15-2003, 08:46 PM
How on earth do you make anti-spawn protection guns? Those nasty machine guns that tear you to shreds when you get to close to the spawn, that's what I want to know!

I haven't seen any posts on it, and I may have missed it in the FAQ, if I havem delete this post, if not, answer the question, thnx...


05-15-2003, 10:19 PM
Xerent, I think you should add a link to Nem's Batch Compiler on the "FGD, ZHLT etc..." sticky; it would be helpful to have.

05-18-2003, 03:47 AM
i think you should add our page to custom map pages and usefull mapping stuff! ;)

(currently down) wait one day! ;)

05-19-2003, 07:18 PM
Instructions for new mappers on how to set up an run the GUI Compiler ( mentioned earlier in this thread:

In Options > Setup > Paths, you need to specify the location of your compiler programs. You only need to specify csg, bsp, vis, and rad. For example, I have it setup like this:

CSG C:/sierra/hammer/zoners/hlcsg.exe
BSP C:/sierra/hammer/zoners/hlbsp.exe
VIS C:/sierra/hammer/zoners/hlvis.exe
RAD C:/sierra/hammer/zoners/hlrad.exe

You should also specify the folder where the Half-Life executable is, and the folder where the map will end up under "File Destination Path" at the bottom. Most likely, these will be c:/sierra/half-life/ and c:/sierra/half-life/dod/maps/.

Then, when you return to the main screen, make sure that only csg, bsp, vis, and rad are checked on the list on the right. Then hit control + F, browse to your *.map file, open it, and hit "run" in the lower right.

You might also want to specify some options on the main screen. If you hover over each option, a description of what it does will appear at the bottom. You'll find that the program is very well documented in this way. Browse through the csg, bsp, vis, rad, batch, and HL tabs and take a quick look at each option. Here's a few I suggest you consider first:

CSG: Checking nowadtextures will include all of your textures in the bsp file, so you dont need to use a wad file to run the map.

Entities only will update only the entities of the map, if that is all you have changed since the last compile, run this option to make the map compile a lot faster.

No sky clip will make it so that you can fall out through the sky. If there are no locations in your map where the sky can be reachec by players, this might be a good option to check as it will decrease your compile time.

BSP: Leak only will only check for leaks, so if you're having problems looking for them and have the compile the map many times in your attempts to find them and see if you've fixed them, this might be a good option to use as it will go a lot quicker. You do not need to run vis or rad with this option checked.

VIS: Checking fast will do a "rough and dirty" vis calculation, this is a good option to use if you are constantly making small changes to your map and compiling after each change, as the compile times will be short.

Full should be used on the final product, when you think you have a release candidate.

RAD: Extra should be used on final products/release candidates, it makes the lighting look much better.

Bounce and Smooth should be used for an cloudy/overcast or a night time themed map, as they make the shadows much less definate. For a daytime or sunny map, leave them unchecked to make the shadows much more defined.

Batch: Under recommended file deletions, check them all. This will get rid of all the files that are only needed for the compile, and are not needed to run the map.

Also, under recommended file functions, check both options. This will automatically copy the map to your /dod/maps/ folder when the compile is finished (remember how I told you to specify that location before?)

Leave unrecommended file deletions alone.

HL: If you want the map to automatically run after compiling is finished, check run Half-Life with map, enable console, developer, noip (to prevent HL from connecting to the internet) and game. Be sure to change game from cstrike to dod. Also, if you decide you want half-life to automatically run after the compile is finished, you must check HL on the list at the right.

Any other options for any of the programs, you probably shouldnt worry about until you have a bit more experience with mapping and compiling. But once you get the hang of it, dont hesitate to experiment and see what different results you can get with different options. :)

05-30-2003, 02:40 PM
also, over at the colelctive, some guy was asking how to set up DoD retail for mapping.

can someone write a mini tutuorial about that?

06-15-2003, 09:39 PM

Could you please repair some of the links in the FAQ? Most of the .wad links still refer to the old "" site and are all broken. I have a couple of ideas for maps & would like to try my hand at making them. I need to download some of the .wad files. TIA

07-20-2003, 02:50 AM
leak finding methods

there are more than 7 ways to find leaks. But not all are useful in all situations.

1. easiest if you can run VHE 3.5 editor, is to compile CSG/BSP only, then import the points file into the editor. for more on that, see the VHE 3.5 version thread ( however you can also load the pointfile into VHE3.4 or WC 3.3, but it does not work so well.

1b. one improvement for VHE 3.4 or WC 3.3 in editor leak finding is to edit the point file with wordpad, removing all but the first and last points. this tends to make a straight line - much easier to read, but far less exact.

2. second easiest and most common leakfinder is to open the map in play and load in the pointfile in console with "particles 50000". You will then see a dotted line in your level that bounces around like crazy! Just follow it, and the point where it leaves the level is where the leak is happening. for more info goto JCJQ leak error page (

3. There is a handy program called "Leakmarker" (v0.1). It reads your pts-files and draw boxes around leaks, so you can find leaks by ease. Download Leakmarker v0.1 (! however this program has been known to fail in some cases. don't get stuck on it too much.

4. the purple/red brush leakfinding method also comes from JCHQ leak error page ( basicly you skybox around your level with with brushes with red texture lighting. this plugs the leaks temp, and will give a red light showing thru any leak area. do NOT keep the skybox ( afterward!

4b. another editor version is to use the 3d view with red/purple brush skybox. don't compile, but use the 3d color view and cruise your level looking for red/purple thru the cracks. do NOT keep the skybox ( afterward!

5. some recommend the the BIG BRUSH method, such as the Snark Pit (, although i don't find it so great for multi leaks. best for teeeny leaks or weird ones. brush covers 1/2 map, either leak or no. then 1/4 where you think problem is. then 1/8, 1/16, 1/32. by then you should have a good idea.

however sometimes even the big brush method will not help if there is an entity buried in a brush, or outside the map somehow. be aware of that.

6. if you have really complex architecture, there is the skyboxing/wireframe 2 method developed by ComCray at the Collective (,1058483904,22529&id=501129&b=9&v=flatold) - a lot like purple brush, but using wireframe to see if you can see the skybox polys instead of looking for a purple face. better for teeeny multiple leaks. do NOT keep the skybox ( afterward!

7. ComCray also developed the visgrouping method over at the collective too. (,1058483904,22529&id=501129&b=9&v=flatold) this was again for some complex architecture that developed a leak.
in what you think is the problem area, visgroup the brushes/blocks that are the outside "border" into one group. make all of them a bright color so they show up well.
now set one screen into 3-D flat view mode and size it to full-screen (shift+z).
When you move around the leak area in the one screen you may see some flickering here and there, sometimes the flickering will be a visible seam which stays in view for a a few seconds. That's where the leak is.
What happens is that the screen renderer tries to light up the side of a brush which should actually be covered by the brush next to it.

8. i think there are other methods, but if you are still stuck at this point, consider a new map?

08-23-2004, 09:57 AM
heres a link about the new detail text files, took me forever to find:

11-08-2004, 09:58 PM
btw, like, every .wad link is down

06-12-2006, 08:17 AM
why is the mardy mouse page on the first question linked to a page of screenshots? as a potential new mapper I find this most confusing.

06-13-2006, 06:56 AM
Probably because I changed the link on my webby and this thread didn't get updated.

Websites are dynamic and I update my webby all the time, it's difficult to keep up at times :kitty:

I'll see what I can do to rectify that as I guess the link here won't get changed. To be honest, I didn't even know it was linked here :yar:

Link should be changed to:

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