01-01-2008, 06:12 PM
Some info about dod_rubicon_b1

- pretty small (~dod_flash)
- nearly symmetric
- 32 Player (spawns)
- 5 Caps (Doublecap in the middle)
- HDR (.)(.)


01-01-2008, 10:57 PM
Tnx H8WAR! We put it on server today, pics looks nice, and think gameplay be nice to:=) big tnx for map

Download (

01-02-2008, 02:20 AM
Thanks H8WAR! On server now. Cheers.

01-02-2008, 05:25 PM
Big thanks for the mirrors/servers <3

Hope you enjoy it! greezzz :D

01-10-2008, 10:44 AM
the map has flair but to much camping houses. if you edit this this map was awesome!!

01-11-2008, 02:27 AM
I know...its just hard to decide which camping tents i have to break down :D
Found it and play it several times on public and i tried to find some extreme camping-positions or bugs...without a clue :(

Can you tell me more or the special house(s) do you mean? :rolleyes:

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