[Material] treeshadow overlays

11-04-2007, 07:36 AM
some experimental overlays. haven't found a good use for them, so feel free to try them out.

from the readme:

material: treeshadows
directory: decals
pineshadow_01_v2 / 256256
pineshadow_02_v2 / 512256
pineshadow_03_v2 / 512256
pineshadow_04_v2 / 1024256
poplarshadow_01_v2 / 256256
poplarshadow_02_v2 / 256256
poplarshadow_03_v2 / 1024256
poplarshadow_04_v2 / 1281024
treeshadow_01_v2 / 256256
treeshadow_02_v2 / 256256
treeshadow_03_v2 / 256256
treeshadow_04_v2 / 512256
normalmap: no
phong: no
instructions: unpack the materials folder to your dod-folder (i.e. c:/programs/steam/steamapps/your@email.com/day of defeat source/dod)

this is what they look like:

and here's the download:

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