(WIP) dod_lime

10-16-2007, 10:37 AM
First let me start off with the history of this map. It all began with the release of dod_orange_arena, a while back. Orange arena became all the rage, and too some people that is all that dod:s had become. 24/7 orange servers started popping up everywhere. At that point in time a friend and I were learning how to map and use hammer. It took me months before I became comfortable with it and now i can say i know how to use it but of course there can always be improvements. Anyways, we liked the map for a bit, as it was fast frantic non-stop action but were PO'd at the lack of spawn protection,the dominance of the k98 in the map as there was only one route, and of course the fact that it wasn't set in ww2. so we immediately stopped playing it and we contested each other to try to make a better version of the same style of game play. after a couple of attempts i came up with a layout, our principle at the time was to release a game play beta first and if it was well received we would remake the map with visuals. I released the map but with a small tweak, instead of the same orange texture i used a green one so people could tell it apart instantly, so came it came out as dod_lime_arena. After I released my map school came back around and i stopped mapping for a while and what was left was an untextured layout of a map. The map was a success, the anti-orange "orange" map was well received and people who liked the "orange map" style, but not necessarily the orange map, started playing it and putting it on their server. People liked it the way it was so i left it alone. The textured version was left sitting on my HD.

So after a looooong time, CAMP 1 and CAMP2 come out. Camp 2 includes a map called dod_crash. When i played it, it was exactly what i had envisioned dod_lime to be, fast frantic game play in a ww2 setting, where the only real camping spots are at the opposite ends near one another's spawns. After playing this it motivated me to get back to my original intent for lime arena and finish the map. Thanks Propaganda.

Heres some screenies, the map is still as it was back when I started it with some little tweaking here and there.







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