3Ds model help needed

10-13-2007, 04:59 AM

I have played around with Hammer for a while now and it's time to do some modeling.

The problem is that I'm a total newbie to 3Ds max 9.
I can't even get the darn texturing to work.

Some of my problems are:

When I export my model, using 3DSMAX SMD Exporter from Cannonfodder, I'm getting
"WARNING: Material "09 - Default" does not appear to have a diffuse bitmap texture. Skipping mesh."
I don't know what that is...

I don't know how to get a bitmap texture on to my creation. I have managed to get the bitmap to my materials window but 3Ds wont let me apply the texture.

Can anyone help me by writing a Models in 3Ds Max for Dummies?

The road from creating a model to compile it in StudioCompiler.

Hopefully I'm not the only one havening this problem.

I have searched the web for tuts and stuff but haven't found anything that could help me.

I will share my models to the community if you help me.

10-13-2007, 05:42 AM
Press M to bring up the materials folder, click on maps, select the diffuse, and load your vtf/tga.

Once that's done, click on the third button from the left to apply it to the model. And click on the 4th from the right to view the material in the viewport

10-13-2007, 07:22 AM

Smallest Book for Dummies ever! :)
But just what I needed. Thanks

Now I can finely make all my house models.

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