bspzip runs into an error! help

10-01-2007, 01:24 AM
here's the problem:

I've compiled my map in full hdr (final render) in hammer.

I've opened it in packrat to list all the custom content I have in it.

I made a .txt file as said for the "-addlist" parameter of bspzip and listed all of my custom content with the relative path and full path for each content.

I run bspzip in the console command like that:

"%sourcesdk%\bin\bspzip" -addlist dod_tarmac_final.bsp dod_tarmac_liste.txt dod_tarmac_final_bspzip.bsp

now it opens up the file ok and writes: "adding...." with all my list so this means it reads the .txt file ok

BUT at the end instead of having the message: "writing....."

I get "Error: relative/full name blablabla..."

does someone know what is going on? I've checked my .txt file all relative and full names are correctly written.... where could the problem be?

10-01-2007, 05:11 PM
Why not just use pakrat to automatically add all the custom stuff instead of BSPZip?

open the level in pakrat and hit the "auto" button.
save it !

Make sure you have the latest version of pakrat as well !


10-02-2007, 06:38 AM
because pakcrat doesn't do the job properly....:

- packrat will add in your map loooads of stuff you don't need because it cannot see if this kind of stuff is already present in the original CFG of HL2: you get huge map files... and
- it also misses a lot of files...
- opening several time the same map with pakcrat destroyes the map

that's why I don't want to use it anymore....

I found another soft to do the job and it seems to be more precise...

it's called "map analyst" and it is very intuitive.....

it also allows you to add an extra line in Hammer to automaticly add all custom content to the bsp at the end of the compile in expert mode.......

anyone know about it? here's the link

first try yesterday and in one go only missed 2 files...

and my bsp is "only" at 58mb (against 63mo with packrat)

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