[REQ 1.3] Convert

09-01-2007, 02:33 AM
I know this might be breach of copyright but im going to try anyway.
I have been watching the resistance and liberation mod quite closely and I was wondering if there was anyone out there who could maybe convert the textures from RnL to dod 1.3.
I have been looking everywhere for an existing model with the wood textures on them that match RnL's. So if this is a breach of copyright i do apologize for wasting everyone's time.

09-01-2007, 05:19 AM
That mod isn't out yet.

09-01-2007, 07:33 AM
yeah i know.... anyway yeah i think this is a useless attempt as i am sure it is breach of copyright, or at least going to be. I just wanted to know if anyone could have helped me find those textures for 1.3

Sly Assassin
09-01-2007, 03:44 PM
Firstly yes it is a breach of copyright, secondly we haven't released the mod, thirdly we (RnL dev team) would have a few issues about that ;)

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