08-13-2007, 08:40 AM
Howdy folks
Im redoing my favorite TFC map for DoDS. dod_avanti_det is not a direct port over. Any TFC fan from back in the day will enjoy this map.

Allies are ambushing an Axis castle. Can the Germans react in time to thwart the efforts of the Allied forces? 3 dets lead up to a cap for the last in the castle. The allies fight up the street leading to the back of the castle. Where they blow up the walls and ultimately capture the entire area.

layout/architecture - 90%
lighting/environment - 0%
props/decals - 5%
optimizing - 0%
scoring/caps - 100%
texturing - 75%
other (minimap, messages) - 0%

As you can see, I have a ways to go before it can be released... but here's a playable version just for giggles if you're interested





Winrar file
Here (

or if you dont have winrar, the bsp
Here (

note worthy:

- new sniper tower/access to roof between spawn and 1st cap
- new roof access between 1st and 2nd
- axis spawn twice as fast at .75%, allies spawn at 1.5%
- blowables into castle

Any critique or comments gladly welcomed


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