looking for help on a map

08-13-2007, 07:09 AM
This is a remake of a 1.3 map that was called dod_3trenches and my version is called dod_stalemate_d4. There are 5 flags total and the center flag is a 2 man cap. There are 2 trenches on each side of the map with 3 tunnels 2 of which are spawn points. The middle or 3rd tunnel works like a hospital so if you are wounded you can go down inside and regain health. This is my 1st attempt at a map and I am looking for a little assistance with some of the layout and textures. I would like to get some abience sound in there and maybe change the atmosphere a little.

This is a fully playable map and is really a lot of fun but it is a battle to win.

If there is anyone that that is willing to help plase let me know,

08-13-2007, 08:22 AM
if you were more specific on what you need help for, you might get a response. Id be glad to help with what I can

08-13-2007, 09:28 AM
I would like to add some sounds maybe like planes flying over. Help with cleaning up some of the textures. Spawn protection... you can't run down into the tunnels if you are the opposing team but you can throw nades or shoot down into them. I would like to prevent that as well. I might even want to change the skybox if anyone would have some good suggestions.
I have it compressed down to about 1mb in case anyone would like to see it or give it a try and them make some suggestions.


08-13-2007, 09:52 AM
place an ambient_generic where you want the sound. go to its properties and browse for the sound you want. save/recompile

spawn protection:

Make a wall and texture it with the "block bullets" texture tool. Not sure if this will block nades though, but blocks bullets for sure, Ive tested it.

Keeping textures clean:
Starts in the beggining. Keep your brushes neat and snapped to the grid, the bigger the grid the better. Keep grid 4 work and below to a minimum. This also allows for displacements to be easily sewn. Most textures work well with blocks 128x128 (or some variation such as 32x128) The textures themselves are actually 512x512 but they're scaled down to .25% which is why they work on 128x128. Then you'll need to learn how to use the face editing tool to adjust for odd ball shapes. Open the tool, make select is selected, select the face, then line it up to left, right, top, bottom, center, or fit. (the face has to be selected in order to adjust it)

2D Skybox:

Under map - map properties change the skybox name, see list. Depending on whether or not you want HDR, pick the appropriate map name. (defalut is sky_day01_01) just be careful with HDR as it can drop the FPS. Then place a light_environment to control the angle and color of the sun. I suggest using the numbers on the skylist.


I dont know how to do planes flying overhead. I think you have to make an invisible func_tracktrain and parent the plane model to it. Along with any ambient_generics

Hope that gets ya goin in the right direction =)

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