General Maya model import question

08-01-2007, 12:46 PM
OK this isn't DoD related I'll confess, but I have a hunch some smarter minds than mine in here might be able to help.

I'm trying to import an animated character model into Maya that is in "FBX" format. It's a character model (not a Valve model). I can import it fine, view animations, and even export it to the format I need it in (Collada) with no problems.

The main issue I have is that it's too damned small! The original model uses 1 unit = 1 foot, whereas I need to have it in 1 unit = 1 mm. I've tried scaling the model both in Maya and also via the import tool, and actually all seems fine when I do - at least in Maya. The model is there, it looks fine, it's the right size (in Maya). But when I export the model and view it, what I get is not right. The mesh is the right size, but the skeleton has failed to scale up at all.

Is there some trick or special step I need to take to actually make the skeleton scale as well? Or is it just not doable?

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