Moving props + explosions Q

07-02-2007, 08:09 PM
Hey guys
I have a good map in the making here. It has a few moving tanks and mortar fields and other stuff like that (props parented to a func_tracktrain)

Question is, how many moving props can you have before the performance goes down the tubes? Kind of a vague question, I know. Im looking for a quick vague answer.

I have tanks slowly advancing up a dirt road, with a small dust cloud, muzzle flash, setting off the explosions parented to an invisible train roming the area.

Would it be too much to have 3, maybe 4 moving tanks on one map?

I can run it on my machine just fine, and the "+showbudget" is very calm with only a few spikes here n there.

Sly Assassin
07-04-2007, 02:11 PM
it depends on how much players can see, though the more you have the worse it will perform. Try 4-6 tanks moving and maybe 2-4 mortar trains and see how it handles.

I did a map with 2 moving planes and some bombs etc plus 2 mortar trains and the map took nearly the entire hammer grid yet it handled it alright.

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