Making server side skins

03-16-2007, 02:02 PM
I'm in the middle of making a zombie mod for DoD:S and would like to include 2 zombie axis skins server side. I can find client side vtf's and I think I can use the standard axis player vmt if I edit the path but I am having trouble getting it to work.

We use admin skins on our server and if I replace the vtf in dod/materials/models/player/ics/axis_admin/german_body.vtf with my zombie one it works fine but the minute I change the path to something like dod/materials/models/player/ics/axis_zombie/german_body.vtf making sure I make the same path changes to the vmt i get the usual purple/black checks.

I use ma_setskin (mani) to assign the skin to the client in game

The files all get sent to clients ok and in the right folders etc but if I change the path to the texture the texture screws up, it doesnt seem to matter where I put the models, the model itself still shows but not the texture.

Is there something that ties a specific model to a texture thats hardcoded in the model or could I just use the default model?

Been bangin my head against the wall over this as the mod wouldnt make much sense with the standard axis model.

Any tips greatfully appreciated

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