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02-16-2007, 05:23 PM
-|UPA|- Brawler
-|UPA|- The Artist
-|UPA|- Kaisest
-|UPA|- O'Malley
And Special Thanks To Nicadeamas For Optimizing The Map.

Capture all flags and destroy the enemy's roof emplacement while keeping yours repaired.



Map Download

Please leave comments criticism always welcome. Hope you all enjoy the map.
Final version released download link updated

02-17-2007, 02:10 PM
A blast on this map...Thanks Brawler2006!

02-17-2007, 03:19 PM
no problem in the next version ill have the minimap fixed have no idea what happened there. But oh well lol

02-19-2007, 12:58 AM
looks fun, I downloaded it and tested it a little bit. Im gonna have to get my server ops to upload it. Ill let you know if we like it. :)

02-20-2007, 01:31 PM
sure i will have a fixed version next week with a overview and some other minor fixes the next release should be the final.

02-20-2007, 03:13 PM
Good map, will look forward to the final release.

Is in our perm rotation.

Just one thing, there's a room on the allies side, with no floor?

VERY crazy results occur..

02-21-2007, 03:17 PM
could you take a screenshot of this and post it.

02-21-2007, 05:22 PM
I will this afternoon and post it tomorrow if you like.

I'd prefer you didn't change it ;p - It's a great trip-out.

02-24-2007, 09:48 PM
ok its been a few days lol

02-25-2007, 04:01 PM
A few days being a weekend.


02-25-2007, 05:18 PM
If you're having trouble with that texture....you should be having the same problem, or similar with the road in the center, as it is bumpmapped as well...

I made that texture and the one in the center. Also is that happening only on one side? As the same texture is used for the bathroom of both houses, thus if one is causing that screwed up effect, the other should as well.

How many other people of your community have had this problem? You were the first we had heard of for that texture not working thus far so I'm trying to figure out how the problem is occurring.

-|UPA|- The Artist

02-25-2007, 05:48 PM
It is in both houses on both sides; same room.

It's not just myself that has seen it.

02-25-2007, 08:27 PM
Let me guess, the center road and the carpet in one of the houses look checkered but still show a texture as well? Am I right?

It would seem our dear friend Brawler thought he had all the grounds covered and neglected to pack the normal maps for the textures into the map bsp. Which means, you only got half of those textures, the basic texture itself, but it makes the weird stuff happen because you don't have the normal maps......

It will be fixed soon so you can enjoy my texture work instead of crappy screwiness.

02-25-2007, 08:36 PM

I didn't mind it. ;p

Will look forward to the fixed release, though; the map has potential.

ps. The only thing I noticed out of place were those floors.

I'm not sure what else you're talking about, I may have just missed it, though.

02-25-2007, 09:10 PM
ya it was a hard miss but i will have a fixed map tomorrow late right now to do a compile there will be some new things added.

03-15-2007, 06:13 PM
... been waitin on that fixed map there Brawler

03-21-2007, 12:29 PM
I got on him the other day about getting it done. All that's left is really very easy so unless he finds excuses to keep putting it off, it'll be done very soon. He said he'd try to get it done this week. So cross your fingers. I'm working on the remake of zalec with another mapper from our clan, otherwise I'd try to finish it up.

If you want to check out what's going on with zalec, we have a WIP thread on our forums in the map testing section, also we have a sign up for alpha testing (which isn't too far off in the future) for zalec if you wanna sign up. www.unitedpaintball.com WIP: http://unitedpaintball1.netfirms.com/forums/nfphpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1667
signup for testing: http://unitedpaintball1.netfirms.com/forums/nfphpbb/viewtopic.php?t=1698

Anyways, sorry for the wait on the domestic disturbance fixed version. The wait shouldn't be much longer. And if it ends up taking him too long again, bug him in his e-mail and on xfire. e-mail: andrew.lackie@gmail.com Xfire name: upabrawler

For contacting me about zalec. e-mail: deadwraith@gmail.com Xfire: artistformerlyknownasnub

03-21-2007, 04:33 PM
sorry its been so long been busy with life should have it out either today but if not friday or saturday.

03-24-2007, 10:14 AM
We will have the final release either late tonight or either next day but most likely late tonight around 12am eastern

03-24-2007, 09:20 PM
The map will be released tomorrow or monday due to some mini map problems.

but there will be a beta test at 11:25pm easter today at

03-27-2007, 02:52 PM
we r releasing today should be ready at 5:30pm est

03-27-2007, 03:55 PM
i guess i lied again we just trying to get the reflections to work.

03-27-2007, 04:49 PM
The map has been finally released download now http://www.unitedpaintball.com/sourcemaps/maps/dod_domestic_disturbance.rar
or get it off the front page doesn't matter

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