Released - dod_coles_cage_b2a

-=SS=- Kurt
12-30-2006, 09:17 PM
Hi All,

Here is dod_coles_cage_b2a. It's a sunny/summer high noon map, based on jail escape battling game play. One of my smaller map very fast and quick action.

Here are some details:

- 32 Spawn points
- Both allies and axis spawn have 3 exits.
- Ave FPS is around high 80
- Depends on the game play I might make changes to the map, so no mini map as yet, itís your to discover.
- BSP is just under 5mb, so it should be very quick and easy for downloading.

Flag 1 >>> Burning tank by the entrance; 2 men cap.
Flag 2 >>> A/A gun; 2 men cap.
Flag 3 >>> Centre cage, with tunnel to torture chamber; 3 men cap.
Flag 4 >>> Torture chamber; 2 men cap.
Flag 5 >>> Far end Cages; 2 men cap.



dod_coles_cage_b2a has been tested, runs well and trouble free. If you see any problem with the map, please let me know. Hope you gents and ladies have lots of fun!!!

Also server admin if you have older version of dod_colescage_*** running please discard them and please replace it with current updated and revised version.

Thanks & cheers, Kurt

12-31-2006, 02:17 AM
This map will be on WQ1 in a few minutes too ;)


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