new Skinner - first skin - working on

11-05-2006, 11:24 AM
hey im working on a more gritty looking stg 44 with slighlty worn metal and more focused wood details,
changed the stocks wood into a more textured painted with laquer(bit of "sloppy" paint job sort of like the originals ive seen) (?) type and a more varied steel surface on steel parts .
ill post some screenies as soon as my w model is closer to being finished.
feel free to comment on the screenie when i post it :)
constructive criticism is great. it is also my very first skin ever.
(yes ill be making v model too)

im also working on a soundpack thats as authentic as i can picture it in my mind---
ill also post some teasers of those in the preview section of the sound when i get that far.
So far ive got the Garand shoot fixed to perfection and the mauser is closing in to being done,
(the mauser sound is based on a 308 mauser , although maybe not exactly k98kar it does sound like a mauser and it will sound more like one too as im not done tweaking eq and mixing in sounds to it.
i might use parts of some other soundpacks too and i will accredit the makers of the sound in my final release pack :)

the stg skin is based on the default valve skin, but heavily modified.

i will give you a prototype screenie of the stg 44 later tonight
hope people will enjoy my pack and im very open for critique and advice
from the pro-skinners
which i would like to thank for making excellent skins!
especially Wile E whom made the best uniform and person skins for the game EVER
so far :)
der landser
etc ... ill add more neat people there to my thnx list hehe...

11-05-2006, 04:15 PM
heres a work in progress model

the finished one will be a bit brighter , as this one is slightly too dark

11-05-2006, 05:35 PM
It's a bit dark, can't see much to comment on. I'll wait until you post a picture of the v model. The soundpack sounds promising.:)

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