{REL} dod_daybreak_b3

10-24-2006, 01:15 AM

Changed to 3 minute +1 per obj.
New path from Allied spawn
Minor graphical improvements
Minor gameplay/cover changes
+5 to 15 fps all around.

Pic 1 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb3/dod_daybreak_b3a.jpg)
Pic 2 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb3/dod_daybreak_b3b.jpg)
Pic 3 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb3/dod_daybreak_b3c.jpg)
Pic 4 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb3/dod_daybreak_b3d.jpg)

Allied forces have been using a winery as a temporary stronghold. As the Axis forces try to eliminate the Allied HQ, reinforcements from both sides fight to secure the estate and surrounding area. The Allies must defend the supply crates and the half-track.

DOWNLOAD (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/dod_daybreak_b3.zip)

This is a CAL version of the map dod_twilight.

it features:
2 objectives
more than 32 spawns
custom textures and models.


Pic 1 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20000.jpg)
Pic 2 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20001.jpg)
Pic 3 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20002.jpg)
Pic 4 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20003.jpg)
Pic 5 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20004.jpg)
Pic 6 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20005.jpg)
Pic 7 (http://mcjewels.dod-federation.com/images/daybreakb2/dod_daybreak_b20006.jpg)

by kyle aronson aka McJewels
lifeismega at gmail.com

well model by ricochet

thanks to everyone at dod-federation.com

11-11-2006, 11:14 PM
I tried this map and the server really didn't like it....ping shot up to 300+ and most people got errors from the map download (when every other map works fine)

I'll try to get you a cap of the error message

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