Alphamask color

Wile E Coyote
08-12-2006, 04:57 PM
I keep forgetting this

to tint your alphamask a color, which numbers are which colors??

"$envmapsaturation" .1 .1 .1

Wile E Coyote
08-12-2006, 08:07 PM
LOL once I figured out the right varible to search for, I found it.

"$envmaptint" "[.1 .1 .1 ]"

in order:

[ X=red X=green X=blue]

range is from 0 to 1

"$envmaptint" "[1 1 1]" will be like a mirror while
"$envmaptint" "[.5 .5 .7]" will be less shiny, but with a blue tint to it

Seriously though, the valve wiki needs a better index :P

edited because I am a dumb <3<3<3 (what the father always calls his son on "That 70's Show")

08-13-2006, 08:54 AM
good to know

Trp. Jed
08-13-2006, 09:15 AM
red, yellow, blue??? :confused:

You sure that's right?

Wile E Coyote
08-13-2006, 09:50 AM
Originally posted by Trp. Jed
red, yellow, blue??? :confused:

You sure that's right? Yup. Thourghly tested.


ROFL you are right dude, I meant green. It was early in the morning when I was writing ;) truth is when I was futzing with the variables and using the HLMV to view the results, the middle variable ALWAYS ended up looking yellow, not green. Not sure why. That was with a white light.

Maybe the envmap used by the HLMV has a yellow tint to it or something.

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