Cant Get Custom Admin Skins To Work

05-04-2006, 06:17 PM
I would probably spend 2 weeks trying to get this to work. I am the only one with admin in my clan and we would like to have these installed on our 32 man server and 16 man server. We have mani already installed.

What im asking is if there is anyone out there that would like to personally set this up for our server.

We would be more than willing to give you an admin spot, a donation to your site or help you out in a similar way with something that we can offer. xfire freddyboy or reply here with your contact information.

Right now, I put all the files int he correct directories for dod:s, and it still wont work. The server freezes randomly, and the skins dont show up. Maybe I need to add something to my server.cfg file? Also, when people enter the server it does not download the skins onto their maybe downloads arent enabled or I dont have that set up right ...i know little to nothing about this stuff so if it is something small I can probably figure it out but would prefer for someone to help us out and we will return the favor in some way...thanks alot!

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