[TUT]a fix for the dod: s wrist crap

04-30-2006, 11:20 AM
ok first, thanks to daelllum big time for figuring this out :D

step 1: decompile a gun soul_slayer has put his jesus touch on (his mp40 for german weapons, his garand for american, etc)

step 2: import the reference smd, delete the guns and export the arms as armfix.smd

step 3: put this arm fix in the same folder as the gun you're compiling

step 4: open the reference smd for the gun you're compiling and delete the arms, so when you compile it'll use the arms on the armfix.smd

step 5: add a line below below the normal reference, heres an example.. the bar

$model "gun" "v_bar_reference.smd"
$model "hands" "armfixx.smd"

i used 2 x's because i felt like it. name doesn't matter though

step 6: open 3dsmax and import the arms and the idle (not NEEDED) if you don't have 3dsmax or don't have it installed you can compile it and use the source sdk's model viewer. if there are any problems with the wrist, you'll want to open up max (easier, once again..) or milkshape and edit them till they look good

step 7: thats it, step 6 may need to be done or may not.

enjoy, and once again a huge thanks to daellum <333

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