New DoD:S community, mapping support, and admin tool: DoD Federation

03-19-2006, 06:24 AM
First, I want to introduce you to the DOD federation, a new venture some of us are getting into.

The DoD:F is about providing a support structure for communities, content creators, and server admins who want collectively improve the DoD:S experience. While we're just getting the ball rolling, we will ultimately provide custom content support, a server administration tool ("VA"), as well as a forum for community leaders to work together and help each other and improve the game.

I can't say for sure where exactly this will take us. We may add a community-oriented league or ladder, unified ban lists, unified MOTDs, etc.... We're open-minded and welcoming of those who care to make positive contributions.

That said, DoD:F is based around the following principles:
*Respect of all parties: developers, players, admins, clans, content creators.
*Facilitating a mature gaming environment
*Delivering high-quality content and services

As for the VA server tool. Its currently in alpha testing and we hope to have a public beta on CoJ and the 907th community servers up and running within the next few weeks. We hope that VA will be easy to use and yet have a good functionality set. In keeping w/ the DoD:F philosophy, VA will have no retributive aspects (kick/ban for tks, but no slap/slay junk). It will not have any annoying .wavs or mp3s. Any functionality that allows an admin to change user settings will be strictly limited.

Now the real aspect I want to let you know about is the DOD:F mapper’s corner, this is a big part of the services we are offering. We offer communication tools, hosting web space for DOD:S projects, a extensive links section with search engine and more.

Mapping tutorials links

We have a link section on the main website where we add all mapping , modeling and coding links related to HL2 engine.

This section functional and you can query it at :

We currently have over 430 links on mapping and modeling with a search engine. We will keep entering them as we go and you can submit any website that have tutorials and article related to those subjects. We will add them.

For each link, we actually copy the words content in our database for making the search more efficient. The actual content is never seen no where on our website so we are not breaching copyright. The sole purpose is to use it when we query the database to bring more links to help you find entity mentioned in a tutorial etc..

You can also search title only to reduce the number of result. The search is currently literal so putting more then one word will probably not retrieve any result unless the whole sting is literally found. Eventually we will add a more advanced search engine when I get the time to code it.

I think this will become very useful for all mappers.

Web space to host your projects:

Hosting webspace can be granted to mappers modelers and coders for related project that has to do with DOD:Source. All project need to be accepted. If so the person get a personal FTP access, a sub domain name like if FuzzDad wanted one (we know he has his own) it would be for their root folder. We think that we can support up to 100 projects maximum. We currently have 500 Gb of monthly bandwith, 10 Gb of disk space, access to 25 database of 100Mg each, 100 sub domains name, one life time Vbulletin license and the website is paid for the next year.

There will be no publicity and it's up to the mapper to build his website. You will have to agree to our term to use it. The terms will be to host content related to DOD:Source only, you will need to comply to all US laws on hosting content, copyright inclueded. If you are cut using the website for any illegal use like transferring hack software or any other illegal content, you website will be close on the spot. You will have a space limitation depending on the project.

Communication tools

Teamspeak voice server

We also have a TeamSpeak voice server for all mappers to exchange and talk about mapping. You can learn more about it here:

Here is the address but you will need to register on DOD:F forum and ask for the password to be e-mail to you.

Of course we have a mapper forum as well. If you would like to request webspace or a password to access the TeamSpeak server, please hit the mapper forum on DOD:F:

I hope this will help and that we will get a good feedback out of this project. If some of you are in clans and the federation aspect interest you, just post on the DOD:F forum about your interest.

03-22-2006, 12:37 PM
Oops, didn't realize luc had already posted. :) I'll just amend my post and attach it here.

DoD:F participants to date:
907th (
CoJ (
United Paintball (
Buxom Bombshells ( & BBReg (

El Capitan
03-22-2006, 12:46 PM
Cool, Shane - but its already been posted!

I'll keep my eye on the site though, it looks promising!

03-22-2006, 05:21 PM
A few mappers already did take up the offer of a free webspace.

They are Did not move in yet

We now host five subdomain website and can still go up to 100. So if this interest you feel free to go register on DODF forum since this is a requirement to get webspace. We need to have a account with a valid e-mail on it. So we can communicate with you and send you any login info.

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