Will valve release .vmf's for other Dod:s maps?

02-20-2006, 03:59 PM
Valve was kind enough to give us the .vmf for Dod_Flash with the SDK tools as a good example, but I was wondering if they will or may have already released .vmfs for other maps?

I also understand that decompiling is generally frowned upon for the use I would like to make of them, but would Valve have any issue with it themselves? (I assume yes and have read the forum rules so I'm not expecting anything there).

And just for frame of reference, I understand the reasonings behind the map designs but I always disliked that you can only enter some rooms, and that they force roofs to be unwalkable and so I wish to change that. Since I have Dod_Flash I have already begun to add rooms, make areas walkable and fix the numerous things that pop up as an effect of me doing this. So I would be doing major edits to existing levels for release. I understand how unlikely it may be, but I felt it could not hurt to ask.

Regardless, adding rooms to the existing level has been a good learning experience so far.

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