Hammer Help.

02-13-2006, 03:35 PM
Wonders of the community for you are my guide... *cough* i mean, i need you guys help... hammer (the soundest program i have ever used ;) ) seems to have a problem. It would seem along the lines of: preparing to launch Source SDK... and then nothing happens. i can run all other games on steam. just not Hammer.

I dont know whats wrong. But it just doesnt want to work. I have Tried reinstalling steam... twice. and it is all the same. If it helps, here is a pic of as far as i can go, and if i click on it again it says this game is unavailible. This started slightly after Valve released the Beta SDK, (i have all the paths correct aswell.)
thats as far as i get ^^^^^ and thanks for all you help

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