dod_anvil_rc2 problem

01-19-2006, 04:05 PM

I'm having a problem with anvil, where the sound just loops and movement is impossible as it seems like I get updated from servers about every 5-10 seconds. Every time I go into a server playing the map it has to download the graphs/dod_anvil_rc2.ain. I brought up my net graph and found that my fps is about the same as in other maps, but my "in" values are really high. Around 1300. Is there something special about this map that would cause something like this? I looked at the minimap, which took me a good 20 seconds to bring up, and it looks like a really linear map. I took a walk through it, which took me 5 minutes to get through half of it, and didn't see anything that's not in other maps.

01-19-2006, 04:29 PM
The final version of anvil should come out very soon.

I have tested this map in many beta version and FPS was ok for everyone (usually got better with time). Now it's seem to be similar to what they get in official map fro most ppl.

So I really don't why it does not work for you.

Maybe the last version will fix it for you, but I don't think the map itself is in cause.

The .ain file to download is normal. This file is generated by the server, not the mapper. Also it seem to change from time to time so not sure if we, mapper, would include it that you would not end up downloading it again. So don't worry for this part as it's normal.

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