How do you do it?

01-19-2006, 02:26 AM
Every time I seem to sit down and start a new map, I usually do most of the basic brushwork, then just get annoyed and scrap it because I know it will just be a dull map or something else will be wrong with it.

The more I look at the popular custom maps and official maps, I seem to understand what makes for a popular map, but I can never seem to put pen to paper and make something that will be any good.

Do you just open hammer and go at it with a vague idea of what you want or do you draw it out on paper and meticulously plan every little detail?

01-19-2006, 08:49 AM
Originally posted by Bombfactory

Do you just open hammer and go at it with a vague idea of what you want or do you draw it out on paper and meticulously plan every little detail?

I sometimes do a quick jot of layout on a peice of A4 but my drawing skills are worse than my mapping skills :p

after that I normally hit hamme and "layout" my map in blocks of 128,256,512 etc and leave "place holders" for buildings etc etc till I have the basic layout, then do a bit of work and see how it progresses.

Its the best thing to do really just keep trying and dont be put off by how it looks at the start compared to other work, I have spent about 50 hours on a map before then just abandoned it as I didnt like it, guess youve gotta be prepared to do that!

El Capitan
01-19-2006, 10:14 AM
Well I wrote a really long post earlier, but when I clicked submit it bummed out and I got "forums under maintenance" and clicked back to find out I'd lost it!

I think that determination, an eye for looks and an eye for gameplay are all important. Mapping is a form of art.

Theres several things to take into consideration when you're making your map. Ask yourself the following:

- Is the map too big? Is the map too small?
- Are there enough props? Is it too cluttered?
- Am I restricting the players movement too much?
- Are there enough routes the players can take? Are there too many?
- Will adding "x" feature improve gameplay or look? Which is most important?
- Are the textures correctly aligned and do they suit the brush they cover?
- Adding levels with stairs, ramps and different surface heights to the map always creates a good atmosphere. It keeps players looking constantly around them. Will this work in your map?
- Is the map well optimized for high FPS? What can you do to mae it better?
- Is the map original? How is it different from other maps, and how can I make it different?

Its also good to get your map playtested with Sun lit games or CoJ and listen to the feedback they give you, then make the adjustments and playtest again.

I had loads more but can't remember them now!

01-19-2006, 11:55 AM

This is my current map, which is sort of dull and nothing special. Green arrows are the routes through buildings via windows or doors.

After doing an initial run-through in-game, it needs to be tightened up a little, and maybe rework the whole left side.

I think the only thing stopping me is that there are some maps (I wont name incase the authors are reading) that come on and people moan, "Ugh, not this map", and I really don't want to put something out that someone thinks is absolutely horrible.

It sucks to be a perfectionist. :(

El Capitan
01-19-2006, 12:10 PM
Good effort, but looks really square too me. Maybe have the map curve at an angle or add in some more pathways round the sides?

It might be a bit small as well, but the playtest will show that :)

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