Five Prop Conversions

10-25-2005, 03:03 PM
Hello all
I dont post in the MSA section often, but now i am in need :)
I have just collected 5 models from the original DOD that I would like to have help porting over. They are all static map props. Each one uses transparencies.
I would like to use these models in my current map project. The map is 99% done. But I would like to get these models in before we start testing it out, and then eventually releasing it.
Thanks for any help offered, even if you decide just to do one. It is all appreciated, and im sure other mappers would like to use these place holding models, until or if better quality props of the same kind are released.
So if you are interested, just mention it, and I will forward you a zip file with the 5 models, to make anything easier. lol tinfoil

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