Anyone working on a MG42 modle for source?

10-02-2005, 03:36 PM
As the topic title says, Is anyone working on a MG42 skin at the moment? If so lemme see your work.

10-02-2005, 04:16 PM
This is the previews.....

10-02-2005, 05:01 PM
crap wrong one lol - sorry guys well any way i suppose its a preview one cuz im asking for the previews of other peoples MG42 models.

Ska Wars
10-02-2005, 05:12 PM
You're not previewing your work so this really shouldn't be in here mate.

10-02-2005, 06:11 PM
ok, i understand, but to answer my question - Is anyone working on any MG42 models??????

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