RELEASE: dod_passage_b2

05-06-2005, 10:02 PM
Well, after 2 months of testing and whatnot, I've finally completed my update on my map, dod_passage.
So I give you dod_passage_b2!

I've made ALOT of changes (mostly to balance out the sides - naturally):

+ Added better sewer access for axis
+ Added secondary spawn area for axis
+ Added additional spawn exits for both sides
+ Added warnings near spawns for both sides
+ Added ladder up to sewer grate near "Central Village"
+ Added access to high roof via ladder on axis side
+ Added/increased lighting levels in some buildings
+ Added more crates around the map for ambience
+ Added more (breakable) planks to get from roof to roof
+ Added "main" entrance to 4th flag ("Gunner's Basement")
+ Added a few quirks
+ Added drainpipe near "Gunner's Basement"
+ Fixed allies 2nd exit to not be so..."easy" to shoot in to
+ Fixed axis 2nd exit from wooden ledge to wooden deck (and a crate at the end)
+ Fixed "left" alleyway directly opposite axis main spawn to reduce spawn camping
+ Fixed placements of missing models
+ Fixed texture bugs (ladder/wall alignments, null textures)
+ Fixed minor brush mistakes
+ Fixed places where player can fall "under" the map
+ Fixed alleyway-to-sidewalk height problem in one place
+ Fixed exploit(s) near axis spawn
+ Fixed a few exploits near the "Weapons Storage"
+ Moved Axis Street flag higher up onto the hill
+ Increased building height directly opposite main axis spawn exit to reduce spawn camping
+ Decreased a building's height
+ Changed "Gunner's Basement" in to a 2-man cap point (10 seconds)
+ Changed "Weapons Storage" in to a 2-man cap point (8 seconds)
+ Changed many non-essential brushes to "func_wall" (to reduce r_speeds)
+ Removed win music for both sides
+ Removed "posts" at Axis spawn doors
+ Removed ladder outside of "Gunner's Basement" going to window near Allies 2nd exit
+ Removed ladder directly across from Allies 2nd exit up to roof
+ Removed "sandbag hills" from both spawn areas

Here is a download link (if anybody else could host it, please let me know):

And here are pictures:
Note: A few of the pictures are slightly outdated.

If there are any problems with the map (like last time) please let me know ASAP... thanks!

[CS] Jedi
05-07-2005, 09:20 AM
Here is a MIRROR ( .

I also found a couple of problems in the map. You can see the bright green background at several joints around the map. Here are a couple of pics.

Pic 1 near Allies 1st flag (

Pic 2 near Middle flag (

Good map with good updates. Thanks.

05-07-2005, 09:41 AM
Whoa. Never noticed those brush errors before... thanks for letting me know! (corrected for b3 - since they're minor and don't affect gameplay at all)

And thanks very much for (packing it into an exe and) mirroring it! :) Hopefully that'll take a load off my bandwidth :P

If there are ANY other problems, let me know!
(But don't post and say something like, "your map sucks" with no reason. If you think it sucks, please let me know why. I always appreciate input no whether it's negative or positive. Every little bit helps) Thanks.

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