Moldelers help me out

01-07-2005, 09:13 PM
Hey guys Ive been having a hard time getting ahold of a modeler to help me with this but could one of you help me put splinters sleeves on the following models he has made: Greasegun, MG42, Bazooka, 30 cal. (I know he didnt make one but if u could put on bot's thatd be cool), knife, spade, american nade, and panzerschreck default model. If any1 can do this plz email me or IM me at A Drummer Dawg or PM me. Hopefully splinter will have no prob. I tried asking him but hes always busy so if ne1 could help thatd be awesome.Thanks.

-Zero (Please dont ignore)

PS the reason I cannot do it myself is because I cannot install the program I need because my parents r paranoid and think I put spyware on the comp so they made it so I cant install nething.

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