[UTIL] StudioMDL model compiler for DoD 1.3

Trp. Jed
12-23-2004, 04:30 PM
Attached is the custom version of the MDL compiler for use with player models and DoD 1.3.

If you try and use the standard compiler you'll either get one of two common problems:

1) Compiler gives and error regarding texturerendermode because the old compiler didnt support transparent textures.

2) Compiler stops/crashes halfway through added the animation SMDs. Its called by a memory buffer problem.

The attached file was the one originally posted when 1.2 was released and for some reason got deleted when 1.3 came out despite their being no difference.

You can use it stand alone thru a command window or in conjunction with GUIStudioMDL (http://www.wunderboy.org/3d_games/utils/guistudiomdl.php).

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