ww2 CS;S mod while waiting for DoD:S

12-12-2004, 08:34 AM
According to great Jed's attempts to converting stuff from DoD to CS:S.
while waiting for dod:S (whenever it might be) can someone make a WW2 mod for CS:S? or make HL2 team death match mod and then WW2 mod to it?.The second idea would be harder to do because of small number of weapons in Hl2 DM.CS:S in the other hand would be quite a challange but doable.I don't know how many weapons there's in Cs:S but if someone could make a WW2 models to them then convert some custom PC models from DoD(or make totaly new WW2 CS:S custom models) then convert some custom DoD maps to Cs:S - we could have nice WW2 mod with ragdolls while waiting for official DoD:S.I know that buying weapons might be annoying and unrealistic but at least it'd be better than nothing .Now when SDK is out someone needs just to make 2 PC WW 2 high detailed models for CS:S(CT and T).One map is converted already so some more in the near feature would be nice (since hammer is out someone should make a bunch of converted maps already).Weapons hmm, don't know if allies or axis would have so many automated weapons to fit weapons number in Cs:S,at least we can try .Think about it guys it would be so great fun while waiting for DoD:S
P.S. custom weapon sounds from ww2 weapons should be there too. (damn what about god damn pistols lol, axis runnig with colt would be not nice heh, and the other weapons are the same for T and CT hmm,maybe there's a way to make restrictions and avoid buy system...dunno :/ )Just it would be really fun to play :)

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