[MReq] Axis Player models

Corporal Rossi
05-11-2003, 07:45 PM
Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could make an axis replacment set of these. http://home.bellsouth.net/coDataImages/p/Groups/18/18086/folders/71263/476637sig9.JPG

I do not know what group this is, but i think they look just great. As some of you may know, this is DryFear's sig, so I think he may be interested in this as well. Please someone make this awesome pack, it would be great if everyone would be wearing helmets, prehaps someone could reskin devin's SSv3 pack? (with his permission of course)

Corporal Rossi
05-12-2003, 04:54 AM
Jesus 31 views, and no help? Not even from DryFear, who i thouhgt would be interested in this as well, also if anyone knows what group this is, i'll get all the proper info for you (ie refs background special stuff they did)

05-12-2003, 05:03 AM

Cant realy tell from ur pic but these kinda look the same..

05-12-2003, 05:49 AM
I believe the soldiers in the signature belong to the 3rd Panzergrenadier regiment

05-12-2003, 11:14 AM
Actually I didn't want to post until I had found that picture that I used for my sig...sorry for that. I'm still looking for the pic, because it has what the unit is, wherever I got it from.

I will say that the men in the pic are wearing the classic look of the German soldier. Definately Heer, and definately regular soldiers, the ones that most Allied soldiers would have encountered early in the war. I say early, because of the green nature of their uniforms, indicative of early conflicts.

Corporal Rossi
05-12-2003, 01:24 PM
I just love how they look, and thanks for that pic man, they do look about the same. If that damn compiler would work, I think this would be a simple job, just a recolor of Devin's ssv3.

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