09-24-2004, 03:51 PM
Well, Hello everyone!

If any animators.. or the kind could animate the smack animation on the Garand as "an ironsight anim"


When you press secondary fire, your weapon moves to the center of your screen and quickly zooms to the ironsight and looks through it, a few moments and it would revert back to normal..

I would personally love this, as I do love ironsights.
Im eager to help if someones with me!

Me, and my stupid ideas :vader:

09-26-2004, 12:26 AM
so... rather than the buttsmack you get ironsights?? you wouldn't be able to keep them there long enough to shoot using them, and the zoom of the ironsights in other games needs to be coded by the DEV team, I doubt seriously it could be done by the users.

I am just trying to see what you have in mind...:confused:

if you can find me an ironsight garand I can swap it over onto the buttsmack realy realy easy (making IS from scratch is realy a pain, unless you have one to mimic in MilkShape it is just a lot of entering and exiting DOD)

Even a tommy or anything IS in DOD would work, all I would do is take a screen shot of it in MS3d and re-orient the garand over the background set in the "front" view.


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