Toejam Football
05-10-2003, 11:56 PM
Hey does anyone know where there is a tutorial for converting 3.1 weapon models to version 1? If there isnt one maybe someone (Devin) :D could make one?

05-11-2003, 12:18 AM
It's pretty easy. This is all you gotta do.

Make 2 folders on your desktop. One for the 3.1 weapon, and 1 for the default weapon. Decompile each model and check both .qc files and make sure that they have the same amount of animations. If they don't, copy on the default weapon .qc where it says "// xx animation sequences" and replace the animation sequences on the custom weapon .qc with it.

Now, about the submodels and hands...Do the same thing in the .qc with the meshes where it says "// reference meshes", and copy all that over and paste it over the one in the custom weapon .qc file.

Then all you gotta do is put the right smd's and textures from the default weapon folder into the custom weapon folder and compile.

That should work. I don't know if I explained it right though.

05-11-2003, 12:20 AM
Here's a quick one:

Decompile the b3.1 model into its own folder and the 1.0 model that u want to replace into its own folder. Copy the gun's textures from b3.1 model folder to 1.0 model folder (don't copy the hand skins though). Open Milkshape and import the b3.1 model's reference smd. Delete the skeleton and the hands. Rename all the groups into something else like old_skin1 etc so that they won't conflict with the 1.0's groups.

Now you can import the 1.0 model's reference smd into Milkshape. Scale and rotate and do whatever u want to the b3.1 model to make it fit the 1.0 model. You don't have to distort the model to counter the 90-degree FOV effect if you don't want to. When you've done that hide the b3.1 model's groups and the 1.0 hands too. Go to the Joints tab and scroll and select the joints that control the gun's parts. Select one joint at a time and click on Select assigned and you can see what vertices are assigned to it. Now open Notepad and make a list of joints and what part of the gun is assigned to those joints.

bone10 - bolt
bone12 - magazine
bone13 - something
etc etc

When you've done that, delete the 1.0 model and unhide the b3.1 model. Now you can begin assigning the vertices to correct joints. First, select the joint, then select the vertices that u want to assign to the joint. The click on Assign on the joint tab. When you've assigned all the vertices, just unhide the hands. You can now save or whatever. Then export the whole thing as a reference smd into the 1.0 model folder (overwrite the old ref smd). Now you can compile with Studiomdl. If it gives u errors, ... well do whatever u need to fix the error D;


Edit: heh Sgt. Sinister posted while I was typing this reply D: His way is better if u want the anims from the b3.1 model. :p

05-11-2003, 02:57 AM
i have been trying ripa's way, but the default 1.0 MP40 is a bit bigger then the customs i have. So if i allign it on the bolt, the hands on the mag and trigger would be floating in the air, or grap through the gun...

How do i fix that?

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