Unwrap This Lewis (UV Map, Mesh, etc..)

08-04-2004, 01:35 PM
BadKarma made this Lewis on the last day before he moved and lost his internet. He can email and post and stuff from his brother's computer but can not model etc. and upload from his computer.

If you have any experience in UV mapping, have a go at this, I tried and can't get started, (All the tutorials I found were written by illiterate 3rd grade drop-outs)

Click here to download v_lewis.zip (http://files.dodnetwork.com/download.php?userid=37&imagel=v_lewis.zip)

It is sitting on a custom Bren model, so the hands are not ours (we will change them), and the anims dont even begin to match, dont worry about them, I just need the UV maps. Hi-Res please, I would rather have 50 512x512 maps and jack up the footprint than conserve space and get stretched skins, we have space on the server for size, but not quantity (weird huh).

08-08-2004, 12:38 PM
I have trird to find some good tutorials on unwrapping, and Jed sent me a link on how to do it.
I have found that this model needs to be "grouped", a skill I do not posess. If one of you nice MSA baddies wants to "Group" the pollys on this project, life will be grand for all! Then I can Map it.

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