[skin] Bazooka

07-14-2004, 08:51 PM
Aloha Gang!

Sorry this took a bit. I've had it sitting around for a while, and got lazy about submitting it. That's one of my problems with summer... get so hot I don't wanna do anything. :cool:

So, here is my Bazooka reskin, to complete my rocket weapon reskins. Again, we have a painted-on lady, but this time with a more American theme. Also, and it's hard to see on the pics, is another modification I made. It reads "Tanks Killed" and some scratched-in scores totaling six. Just seemed to fit the weapon, and made it more interesting when aimed. I also tried out some new wood on the grips. I'm really trying hard to improve on that, since my prior attempts were kinda hit-or-miss. Add to that some new scratches and dings to the weapon, and you have my Bazooka. Enjoy!

Pics (http://www.dragunfyre.com/images/hfb-azooka-1.jpg)

Full-Screen (http://www.dragunfyre.com/images/hfb-azooka-2.jpg)

Download (http://www.dragunfyre.com/images/hfb-azooka.zip)

*full credits for the hands are in the ReadMe.

07-14-2004, 11:25 PM
Sexy :cool:

Just like the dancers on the show tonight :D

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