[Ani-Req] 3.1 Style Kar

06-14-2004, 10:19 AM
I'll be honest, and I hope the Dev Team doesn't take offense, But I really dislike the animations for all the bolt rifles. Animations make a big mental difference for me, and the current ones feel really awkward and odd. So I'm making this request to anyone who can animate, to edit or completly redo at least the Kar's bolt animations to look like the 3.1 ones. The 3.1 ani's were smooth and looked like a Vet soldier was doing it, but the 1.x ones are strange with him raising the gun up and pulling back then pushing forwards.

So I request that someone please reanimate the Kar's bolt animations, and if possible also the Enfield's. But please do it on Brut's recently released high res Kar.

Much thanks.

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