30. Cal Tripod mg

06-12-2004, 04:31 PM
im looking for a reskin of the 30 cal mg for allies, but... instead of it being a bipod, i am looking for a tripod version. same exact stuff as the default model, but maybe with some artisitic differences but i want one with a tripod under the gun itself, and when u prone and deploy it u see it deployed with a tripod

anyone got something like that?

Captain Dan
06-12-2004, 04:37 PM
Here's a normal tripod version (http://dodec.hlgaming.com/filedb/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=335)

and here's a handfed version of the above (http://dodec.hlgaming.com/filedb/pafiledb.php?action=file&id=345)

Enjoy! :)

-Captain Dan

Andy Whyberd
06-13-2004, 05:23 AM
They Rock DuDe I Recomend Them To Every 1!!!

I use Bot's 30cal!!

Captain Dan
06-13-2004, 06:08 AM
Yea I use Bot's handfed .30 cal.

I just wish we had an M1919A6

Andy Whyberd
06-13-2004, 06:17 AM
yeh me 2 they rock!!!!

06-13-2004, 08:30 AM
yea, i dled it, but the skin isnt the greatest, but i guess it will do

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