A call to all MSA people to come help us mappers.

Sly Assassin
03-04-2004, 03:27 PM
Well as some of you will well know there isn't that much of a selection of map models available for Mappers to use, I myself am one thats sick of not having alot of map models to choose from. Now over in the Mapping forum I've started a thread which if it goes well I'm going to try and get moved across here so you MSA people can see what we'd like and maybe help us out in the long run :)

Now I'm putting a call out to all MSA people who think they're capable of putting their skills to the utmost test, who here can take the big steps and start from scratch and make some map models for us poor mappers in out plight of not enough map models. I'm sure some of you are sick of seeing the 101 version of the Kar released or the 101st Airborne, so why not do something different and make a model no ones ever made ie one of the map models we'll have listed over in our thread.

If you're interested please follow the link and help us out :) Or as the saying goes scratch my back I'll scratch yours :)

Link: http://www.dayofdefeat.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=29419

Thank you for your time and I hope people will help us with this endevour :)

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