[MREL] 12th SS Battle of Caen v1.2

01-18-2004, 06:16 AM
Well from the replies of the last version release I don't think it was very good so I made a new version. I have been up for like 24 hours straight working on these (I have no life) and I am very happy with them. I got references off of Saving Private Ryan (yeah I know they were 2nd SS not 12th) to match the camouflage. As usual these are even more realistic than the last version, I don't know if they can get any more realistic.


New photo realistic camouflage textures
high res ss collar tabs
fixed running animation bug
added gas canister strap
added helmet strap hooked above brim of stahlhelm


-Captain Higgins: field grey textures
-Sargent. Smash: Face textures
-Devin Kryss: majority of the equipment models and textures.
-JAJAHU: Egg Grenade model
-Rusty: Egg grenade skin
-Innoxx: collar tabs
-Flammenwerfer: Sleeve textures, Camouflage patterns, gaiter legs, model assembly, everything else not mentioned above

EDIT: I am updating this thread with the new version of the models here:

PIC (http://www.lawrencegamer.com/12thSSBoC13.jpg)

DOWNLOAD! (http://www.lawrencegamer.com/12thSS-13.zip)

a mirror would be greatly appreciated as I can't keep these hosted forever

01-18-2004, 08:30 AM
Woho! Excellent. Nice work.

Maybe it's time to update my sig :)

Btw. You are really good at doing skins, can't you do a nice pack for the allies too?

01-19-2004, 05:11 AM
Does this work with 1.1? If it does, I'm whoring it to the greatest of extent! :)

Ummm link works now :) hehe

01-19-2004, 09:36 AM
When I first looked at them I didn't think much.. but Im not at my 2nd look and I want to use em. But like guy said, these do work for 1.1 right? What with the v1.2 stuff and all.

01-20-2004, 04:42 PM
I like 'em. The camo looks pretty good, but could you do a lighter camo? Kinda like the old sniper but with a tad of yellow mixed in?

I used to have an axis pack that had fairly bright camo than what I've seen released here recently. It was more of a spring/summer thing than fall :).

Good job!

01-20-2004, 07:49 PM
I don't much care for the cammo, I'm afraid, the tiling of the photos you use is poor and quite obvious to me even when not close-up. It's just a pet-peeve of mine, but It's preventing me from using these otherwise excellent models.

01-21-2004, 09:07 AM
I like these no-matter what. The cammo works damn fine and honestly, surpasses a lot of the axis player packs out there--considering of lot of them look constipated or carry the look of having been mauled by a tractor trailer.

Good work Flammenwerfer--as always my friend! :)

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