Tree animation for map model

01-07-2004, 07:04 PM
High guys I'm kinda new to the forums and I need a little help with somethin. I dont know if this is where this thread belongs but I'm sure if its wrong it will be moved accordingly. My and my friend are making an Ardennes and Foy map from Band of Brothers Ep:7. Now I have the tree model already but I need to know if someone can make a second animation of the tree blown in half with some splinters sticking out or something like that. I'm trying to recreate the tree burts that happen in certain areas in the maps where the germans are shelling on the forest with 88's and this would just complete the effect. I'm sure it would not be that hard of a job but I really have no knowledge of modeling or anything like that. The .mdl for the tree is included. I'll try to get some pics of the trunk after being hit so you have a little reference :D Thanks a lot for any help or atleast advice on how to do this. I know this map is gonna be really nice if we can finish it. (or atleast better than theory). Now these trees are quite tall so if you could make the burst happen as high as a person and a half in game that would be good. -Maj*Winters

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