model request, marder III

01-07-2004, 05:57 AM
First off, thanks for reading this post. Im a mapper, not a modeler. My current projects include a map in which the marder III is needed. There is a very old dod 1.3 model of this, but its not up to todays standards, which is why im requesting it.

Below are two links to extremely good pictures of the tank. Ive especially needed this model, and you would be included in the credits of my map, dod_ryan (in the mapping forum). Ive already enlisted the help of about 4 people in this mapping project, each with great success. I need 1 more person to do this for me, and my needs for the map will be complete, and I can publish it by the end of January.

Technical Specs with Overhead, Sides, Front and Back Views perfect for modeling reference:
(Click the thumbnail at upper right hand corner)

Good photos with color, soldiers, and previous versions of the Marder:

Color photos would be excellent texture reference to say the least. Notice the green, im looking more for a grey version.

These photos should provide plenty of reference. No animations, no clipping if you dont want to. All I need is the model.

Please contact me by replying, a Private Message, or Email in my sig below. Hope to get some help.


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